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Principles of Medium & Large AC Motors, 1st Edition - IEC

  • February 2020
  • Number of views: 232
  • Article rating: No rating

This manual covers horizontal and vertical squirrel-cage induction motors in the 300 to 5,000 horsepower range, low- and medium-voltage. Most of the principles covered apply to other sizes as well. This manual focuses primarily on IEC motors and standards.

U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Updates

  • February 2020
  • Number of views: 118
  • Article rating: No rating

While there have not been many changes to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements over the past year, it is important to review some of the recent changes and remind you of some upcoming compliance obligations.

  • OSHA 300 Recordkeeping & Reporting
  • OSHA Reportable Incidents
  • Silica & Beryllium Standards
  • Hazardous Materials - Tier II Report

Leveraging Marketing Automation

  • February 2020
  • Number of views: 98
  • Article rating: No rating

So many businesses, even in our industry, post content weekly, daily or hourly. In addition to this, they send out regular email blasts, have a blog or purchase advertisements online. How do they have the time to get it all done? Do they have a team of marketing people doing all of this for them? Likely not.

Management Pulse: Talent Acquisition & Retention

  • February 2020
  • Number of views: 103
  • Article rating: No rating

No matter how you receive your business news, talent acquisition and retention remain a consistent topic across all professions. Record low unemployment may be cause to celebrate in some respects but can create a very challenging and competitive environment for new talent. Additionally, retirements both necessitate finding new team members and expose the exponentially widening skills and experience gap.

So, how are we going to solve the problem?

The Pump Repair Option for Service Centers

  • February 2020
  • Number of views: 137
  • Article rating: No rating

EASA service centers looking for options for expansion, or to replace evaporating existing electric motor repair markets, have seen pump repair as a good fit. A majority of EASA service centers currently repair roto-dynamic pumps. Pumps are by far the largest category of machines driven by electric motors. If a service center is repairing electric motors, then it is almost certain that some of those motors are driving pumps, and the prospects for pump repair are its existing customers.

La Opción para la Reparación de Bombas en los Centros de Servicio

  • February 2020
  • Number of views: 51
  • Article rating: No rating

Los centros de servicio miembros de EASA que buscan expandirse o que estén interesados en reemplazar los mercados de reparación volátiles existentes, han visto en la reparación de las bombas algo idóneo. Por lo general, la mayoría de los mismos repara bombas roto-dinámicas. Por mucho, las bombas son la categoría más grande de máquinas accionadas por motores eléctricos.

Global Update: Motor-Driven Systems Marketplace Trends

  • January 2020
  • Number of views: 313
  • Article rating: No rating
Webinar recording

This update addresses the global low-voltage (LV) motor and variable-speed drive (VSD) markets, with a discussion of systems efficiency. It provides market revenues and units with supporting qualitative analysis regarding changes in manufacturing, distribution, and other technological advancements.

Prueba de Condensadores para Motores Eléctricos

  • January 2020
  • Number of views: 221
  • Article rating: No rating

En este artículo discutiremos las pruebas de los condensadores usados en los motores eléctricos en general, así como también las pruebas asociadas al uso específico de condensadores empleados para la corrección del factor de potencia y en el arranque de los motores eléctricos.

End Users Offer Perspective on Internet-Enabled Condition Monitoring

  • January 2020
  • Number of views: 182
  • Article rating: No rating

In March of 2019, EASA conducted an in-depth survey to better understand how end users decide between repairing or replacing electric motors and to identify electric motor repair/replacement trends. Internet-enabled condition monitoring has been a hot topic recently and, as a result, questions related to this were added to the list of survey questions. The survey returned some very interesting results about internet-enabled condition monitoring.

Explore Leadership, Vision + Culture in 2020

  • January 2020
  • Number of views: 200
  • Article rating: No rating

Last year, the Management Services Committee provided content regarding lean service throughout 2019, as that was of the utmost importance in many members’ minds. Hopefully, you were able to take some of our ideas and experiences and implement lean service in your service center! Moving forward for 2020, vision and culture in leadership were specifically mentioned as topics of interest in a recent survey. Over the next several months, Management Services Committee members will share their lessons and expertise in a focused article series on this robust topic.

Getting The Most From Your Electric Motors

Getting The Most From Your Electric Motors - coverThis 40-page booklet provides a great marketing tool for your service center! Use it to provide end users with information that will help them obtain the longest, most efficient and cost-effective operation from general and definite purpose electric motors.

This booklet covers topics such as:

  • Installation, startup and baseline information
  • Operational monitoring and maintenance
  • Motor and baseline installation data
  • How to read a motor nameplate
  • Motor storage recommendations



EASA Technical Manual

EASA Technical Manual cover

The EASA Technical Manual is the association's definitive and most complete publication. It's available FREE to members in an online format. Members can also download PDFs of the entire manual or individual sections.


ANSI/EASA AR100-2015

ANSI/EASA AR100-2015 cover

Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical Apparatus
This is a must-have guide to the repair of rotating electrical machines. Its purpose is to establish recommended practices in each step of the rotating electrical apparatus rewinding and rebuilding processes.




EASA AR200: Guide for the Repair of Power and Distribution Transformers cover

Guide for the Repair of Power and Distribution Transformers
This document establishes guidelines for each step of the repair of power transformers, describing record keeping, tests, analysis, and general guidelines for the repair of power transformers.