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How To Sign EASA PDF Forms


These instructions are for use with Adobe Reader. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE


  1. Be sure you've completely filled out your portion of the form and do not wish to make any further changes.  IMPORTANT  Once your signature is applied to the PDF, your signature and any form fields related to it CANNOT be changed. Optionally, you can create a copy of the PDF prior to signing as a backup.
  2. Click the appropriate signature field(s).
  3. If you've previously created a digital ID, select it and click CONTINUE, then skip to Step 9.
    If a digital ID does not exist, click CONFIGURE NEW DIGITAL ID.

    Create new digital ID
  4. Select CREATE A NEW DIGITAL ID (alternately, you may import an existing digital ID if you have obtained as a file), then click CONTINUE.

    Create new ID
  5. Select a destination to store your newly-created digital ID, then click CONTINUE.

    Where to save digital ID
  6. Fill out your profile information. Key Algorithm may be left on the default value. For "Use Digital ID for", set to DIGITAL SIGNATURES. Click CONTINUE.

    Fill out user profile
  7. Select a location on your computer where you will save your digital ID file and create a password to protect it. When done, click SAVE.
     IMPORTANT  This password protects your digital ID and will be required any time you choose to sign PDFs using this digital identity now or in the future.
    Set save location and create password
  8. Select your newly created digital ID, then click CONTINUE.

    Select the digital ID
  9. Verify that the selected digital ID is correct. If correct, enter the digital ID's password, and click SIGN
     IMPORTANT  Once the digital signature is applied, all fields related to this signature will be locked and cannot be edited. 

    Verify Digital ID
  10. When successfully completed, the digital signature will appear on the PDF.

    Completed signature