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Accreditation Logos & Motor Labels

Accreditation Logo

Service centers successfully completing the requirements to be accredited may display one of the logos below on their business stationery, website, brochures, business cards and presentations. These logos may only be used for specific business locations that have met the accreditation guidelines. If a company has multiple branch locations, only those locations that are accredited may display the logo. EASA will supply the logo, customized for your accredited service center, upon successful completion of your initial external (on-site) audit. Logos vary depending upon the service center's membership in EASA (member vs. non-member).

A similar logo will be used on the EASA website to denote companies that have met the accreditation standards.



Label for Three-Phase Motors Complying with Accreditation Program Standards

Accredited service centers should affix the program labels to three-phase, squirrel-cage motors that meet the program requirements and are repaired (electrically and/or mechanically) within their accredited service center. One hundred (100) labels will be supplied free as part of the initial entrance fee. Additional labels may be purchased from EASA. These are polyester labels with permanent adhesive and a UV-resistant laminate.

These labels are only available from EASA.

Need to re-order labels?
Please contact EASA Membership Services to order more accreditation program labels — easainfo@easa.com or +1 314 993 2220.

Specific labels are issued depending upon the service center's membership in EASA (member vs. non-member) and each comes with a unique serial number. Accredited service centers must maintain a record of these serial numbers and the motors that they are placed on. A convenient QR code has been added to the label to provide quick access to an explanation of EASA's Accreditation Program as well as what it means to be accredited (www.easa.com/accreditation).