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Emerging Technologies Resources

This page has been set up to provide EASA members with a dedicated spot for information related to emerging motor technologies, remote condition monitoring and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Content on this page is curated by EASA's Ad Hoc Committee on Emerging Technologies and will include EASA and non-EASA content from from around the internet. Check back for updates.

System monitoring

Remote Condition Monitoring for Electric Motor and Drive Systems

Remote Condition Monitoring OverviewThis overview of remote condition monitoring for electric motor and drive systems gives EASA members a high-level introduction to the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

Remote condition monitoring is much more than just hardware, sensors and gateways. This overview will not only introduce you to the hardware side, but also to the other main factors that must be considered for a successful IIoT program. This overview contains sections on:

  • Maintenance Philosophies
    Takes a look at the different philosophies and IIoT’s impact on them.
  • Business Models
    Explores the many business models that can create success in IIoT, as well as the pros and cons of each approach.
  • Software/Data Platform
    Explains the main factors impacting the data and software side of IIoT solutions.
  • Hardware Selection
    Illustrates sensor and gateway infrastructure and flow, as well as the many potential plant equipment and process metrics that can be monitored.


Industry Articles, References & Publications

More From EASA's Resource Library

Remote Condition Monitoring Overview & Discussion

January 2023
Webinar recording

This discussion highlights EASA’s overview guide on remote condition monitoring and answers questions from members on the booklet and, and remote condition monitoring in general.

Predictive Maintenance Technologies: Field Service for Service Centers

September 2021
Webinar recording

This presentation provides an overview of common predictive technologies and information about applying them correctly.

The Impact of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

February 2021

An update on the work of EASA's Ad Hoc Committee on Emerging Technologies and the results of a recent member survey.

The Evolution of Electromechanical Repair Centers

August 2020

The electromechanical repair and service industry has evolved over decades by reacting to the various changes in the dynamic landscape. These changes are apparent in parallel with the development of evolving maintenance philosophies.

Emerging Motor Technologies

February 2020
Webinar recording

Following the squirrel cage induction motor, what will come next? This webinar provides an overview of potential successor technologies.

End Users Offer Perspective on Internet-Enabled Condition Monitoring

January 2020

In March of 2019, EASA conducted an in-depth survey to better understand how end users decide between repairing or replacing electric motors and to identify electric motor repair/replacement trends. Internet-enabled condition monitoring has been a hot topic recently and, as a result, questions related to this were added to the list of survey questions. The survey returned some very interesting results about internet-enabled condition monitoring.

Emerging and Disruptive Technologies

July 2019
Convention presentation

The internet is exceptionally good at one thing – providing data access. Similarly, computers which are the heart of the internet are good at dealing with data; they store data and analyze data. With the access to data provided by the internet and the storage and analysis capabilities of computers, results are possible now that could only be dreamed about in the prior century, (even if some of those dreams were nightmares).

Industry Research: New Insights from Plant Maintenance Customers

July 2019
Convention presentation

The 2019 edition of EASA’s Industry Research, as presented at the 2019 EASA Convention, focuses on feedback from the end-user customer base. This research was conducted with the help of Plant Maintenance.

Member Case Study: Reactive to Proactive Maintenance/Service

June 2018
Convention presentation

Learn how a fellow EASA service center interpreted different maintenance philosophies and put their own development in that curve. Their evolution has gone from workshop to predictive maintenance and beyond–to proactive maintenance, including 3D scan/print and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Technology, Digitization and the Future of (Technical) Service

June 2018
Convention presentation

This presentation addresses how technology and digitization are changing our understanding of value and the impact on technical service markets and businesses. It also gives pointers on how companies, particularly medium and smaller firms, can prepare for the (near) future.

Industry Research: Deeper into the Data - What Else We Learned

June 2018
Convention presentation

Presented at the 2018 EASA Convention in Milwaukee, WI, this presentation takes a deeper look into the data from EASA's latest industry research project.

The Industrial Internet of Things: What Does It Mean To You?

June 2017
Convention presentation

What is the Industrial Internet of Things, what growth stage is it in, and how might it impact the repair industry?

Industry Research: Service Center Trends and Future

June 2017
Convention presentation

Over the past 15 years, EASA has conducted periodic research that has focused on many of the stakeholders and participants in the electromechanical repair, service and sales industry.  In early 2017, Indian River Consulting Group once again conducted research surveys of EASA repair firms. The results of those surveys show you the perspectives of fellow EASA members on a range of important subjects as well as the latest trends as well as perspectives from other industrial and distribution sectors. This research can help you to benchmark your company's results and strategies.