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If you need assistance or have further questions about any of these networking groups, please contact:

Linda Gladden
Marketing & Communications Manager
+1 314 993 2220


Members of any EASA networking group must agree to abide by the following guidelines to avoid any antitrust/anti-competitive issues:

  • Refrain from discussing pricing of any sort
  • Refrain from disparaging other members of the group
  • Refrain from soliciting others in the group
  • Don’t post commercial messages

More specific restrictions or expectations may apply based on the specific group you join.

EASA Networking Groups

EASA has established several networking groups in an attempt to bring together similar groups of EASAns to help each other grow, provide insights, resources and opportunities to grow in our industry. Here's your chance to share management ideas and solve difficult problems with a select group of fellow EASAns.

EASA Networking Groups

Roving Chief Executives

As a participant in EASA’s Roving Chief Executive Program, you’ll meet regularly with the same group of owners/managers of electrical sales and service centers for a truly open exchange of information. Participants share experiences and help one another solve business problems common to all of them.


Women of EASA

This invitation-only group is designed to bring together the strong, professional women that make up all aspects of businesses in the electro-mechanical repair and sales industry.