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Required Service Center Equipment

The implementation of the accreditation program requires key pieces of equipment such as a temperature-controlled, water mist burn off oven, and a test panel. However, since many EASA members and other program candidate service centers have already invested in this important equipment, additional outlays to bring equipment into conformity are expected to be minimal. Unless noted otherwise, all equipment listed must be on site, functional and calibrated at least annually to applicable national standards. (Note: Outsourcing of some but not all repair activities is permitted, but the outsource vendor must provide documentation to confirm that repairs meet the requirements of this program. If outsourced repair requires measurements or testing, proof that calibrated equipment was used is also required.)

For audits following ANSI/EASA AR100-2015
to be approved AFTER August 1, 2016

Required electrical equipment

  • Milli-ohmmeter
  • Voltmeter (AC)
  • Ammeter (AC)
  • Wattmeter (AC)
  • Megohmeter
  • High potential tester
  • Surge tester
  • Core tester [1]
  • Loop test [1]
  • Growler (functional)
  • Test panel (to motor rated voltage; individual instruments calibrated)

Required mechanical equipment

  • Inside micrometers
  • Outside micrometers
  • Dial indicators (verification by service center)
  • Digital tachometer (verification by service center)
  • Terminal crimpers (verification by service center)
  • Vibration measurement
  • Balancing machine [2]
  • Gauge blocks (if applicable) [3]

Required physical equipment

  • Temperature meters
  • Burnout oven part temperature control
  • Burnout oven water mist (verification by service center)
  • Burnout oven analog or digital recorder
  • Bake oven temperature control
  • Winding machine with turns counter (verification by service center)
  • VPI system vacuum gauge [4]
  • VPI system pressure gauge [4]

[1] Must have either one or both of these items
[2] Outsourcing permissible
[3] Periodic verification by gauge block manufacturer or other qualified external source
[4] Only applies if service center has a VPI system (VPI process outsourcing permissible)



  • Unless otherwise noted, all equipment listed must be on site and functional.
  • Except for gauge blocks, all instruments must be calibrated at least annually to applicable national standards.
  • Service center is to have a documented list of all calibrated equipment including unique identification of each item and retain at least a 3-year record of previous calibrations.
  • Verification: Confirming, through the use of objective evidence, that specified requirements have been fulfilled.

For additional guidance on equipment calibration, click here.