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AC Motor Redesign

Course length: Half day
Available as a condensed course: No
Maximum number of students: N/A

The seminar begins with a brief review of AC motor theory and operation that includes flux pattern, types of losses, NEMA design designations and test procedures. It also covers design considerations for slip-ring and synchronous motors, requirements for reduced starting voltage, and formulas for redesigning single-phase and polyphase AC equipment. To ensure a thorough, working knowledge of the subject, you’ll practice solving design problems for each possible change that can be made in the rating of an AC motor.

Partial list of topics covered

  • How an AC motor operates
    • Flux patterns
    • Breakdown of losses
    • NEMA design designations
    • Slip-ring motors
    • Synchronous motors
    • Reduced voltage starting
    • Testing
  •  Redesigning polyphase motors
    • Changing voltage
    • Changing horsepower
    • Changing frequency
    • Changing phases (between two-phase and three-phase)
    • Changing circuits
    • Changing span
    • Changing connection (between Wye and Delta)
    • Converting concentric windings to lap windings
    • Changing poles
    • Changing one speed to two speed (one winding and two winding)
    • Calculating a winding for a bare core
  •  Redesigning single-phase motors

Instructor(s) available to teach the course: 

  • Tom Bishop, PE, EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist
  • Mike Howell, PE, EASA Technical Support Specialist
  • Chuck Yung, EASA Senior Technical Support Specialist


  • Chapter/Region fee (+expenses): $1200 plus $20/student for handout
  • Member company fee (+expenses): $2300 plus $30/student for handout
  • Nonmember fee (+expenses): $4200 plus $35/student for handout

(Additional fees may apply if travel time exceeds 5 hours. Contact EASA for details.)

Schedule a private seminar

To schedule a private seminar for your group, contact:

Dale Shuter, CMP
Meetings & Expositions Manager
+1 314 993 2220, Ext. 3335

Hosting requirements

In addition to the seminar fees, the seminar sponsor will be responsible for:

  • All seminar promotion involved
  • Breaks (if provided)
  • Meeting room (approx. 1,000 square feet)
  • Instructor's travel and living expenses
  • Audio/visual equipment
  • Shipping costs of materials
  • Meals (if provided)