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Common Causes of Surface Damage in Pump Impellers

  • March 2023
  • Number of views: 989
  • Article rating: 5.0

It’s common to find pump impellers with significant surface damage. The three most common causes of surface damage are erosion, corrosion and cavitation. For each of these there are characteristics which will help indicate the primary cause of the damage.

Causas Comunes del Daño en la Superficie de los Impulsores de las Bombas

  • March 2023
  • Number of views: 974
  • Article rating: No rating

Es común encontrar impulsores de bombas con daños significativos en la superficie. Las tres causas más comunes de daño superficial son la erosión, la corrosión y la cavitación. La apariencia del daño en las superficies del impulsor refleja las características de cada uno de estos tres fenómenos.

Repairing Corrosion and Erosion Damage on Pumps

  • May 2022
  • Number of views: 3354
  • Article rating: 2.0

Corrosion and/or erosion damage is inevitable for some pump applications. Pumps received for repair with significant damage may look like a candidate for the junk bin, but with proper repair techniques can often be restored to original performance – or perhaps better than original.

Reparando Daños por Corrosión y Erosión en Bombas

  • May 2022
  • Number of views: 2731
  • Article rating: No rating

En algunas aplicaciones, los daños por corrosión y/o erosión de las bombas son inevitables. Las bombas enviadas para reparación que presentan daños significativos pueden parecer buenas candidatas para ser desechadas, pero a menudo con las técnicas de reparación adecuadas pueden restaurarse a sus condiciones originales o quizás a unas mejores.

Sizing Pumps and Pump Motors

Important considerations for your application

  • January 2022
  • Number of views: 1912
  • Article rating: No rating
Trade press article — Modern Pumping Today

End users or service centers often need to specify replacement pumps or pump motors, sometimes involving a retrofit or re-application project. A successful outcome depends on accurate assessment of application requirements and a good understanding of the parameters that govern pump performance.

Sizing Pumps and Pump Motors

  • July 2021
  • Number of views: 8005
  • Article rating: No rating

Service centers are often called on to provide replacement pumps or pump motors or to advise on pump retrofit and re-application projects. A good understanding of the parameters that govern pump performance is essential to help customers with these opportunities. The information here relates to rotodynamic pumps (centrifugal and axial flow impellers) and not to positive displacement pumps.

Dynamic Balancing on Pump Impellers

  • February 2021
  • Number of views: 11268
  • Article rating: 1.7

As with most other machines commonly repaired in EASA service centers, dynamic balancing on pump impellers is an important concern. Excessive imbalance imparts forces on bearings, reducing their lives and subjecting machine mountings to vibratory energy that deteriorates foundations.

Balanceo Dinámico de los Impulsores de las Bombas

  • February 2021
  • Number of views: 9776
  • Article rating: 2.6

Al igual que con la mayoría de las otras máquinas reparadas comúnmente en los centros de servicio de EASA, el balanceo dinámico de los impulsores de las bombas es una cuestión importante. El desbalanceo excesivo imparte fuerzas sobre los rodamientos, reduciendo su vida útil y sometiendo los soportes de las máquinas a una energía vibratoria que deteriora las fundaciones.

Help Customers Save Energy & Money with Power Drive Systems

New study shows major savings potential with power drive systems on commercial pumps

  • December 2020
  • Number of views: 8534
  • Article rating: 4.0
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While adding variable speed capability in commercial buildings is not a new idea, a new analysis confirms major energy and cost savings is available by pairing those products with a power drive system (PDS) – regardless of a pump’s load variability. A PDS combines an electric motor, adjustable speed controls and sensors that provide feedback to the equipment, allowing the equipment to slow down or speed up to meet current demand. This idea and the added flexibility a PDS can provide may be even more important as we move forward in uncertain times.

Natural Frequency Testing – Bump Tests and Modal Analysis

  • October 2020
  • Number of views: 11428
  • Article rating: 4.8
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Anyone dealing with installed machinery, or even test running motors in the service center, will encounter instances where structural resonance is amplifying machine vibration. The machine may meet stringent specifications in one instance but exceed acceptable vibration levels in another. A good understanding of natural frequencies and the tests necessary to identify them will help solve these vexing situations.

Getting The Most From Your Electric Motors

Getting The Most From Your Electric Motors - coverThis 40-page booklet provides great advice for obtaining the longest, most efficient and cost-effective operation from general and definite purpose electric motors.

This booklet covers topics such as:

  • Installation, startup and baseline information
  • Operational monitoring and maintenance
  • Motor and baseline installation data
  • How to read a motor nameplate
  • Motor storage recommendations



EASA/AEMT Rewind Study

EASA Rewind Study cover

The Effect of Repair/Rewinding on Premium Efficiency/IE3 Motors
Tests prove Premium Efficiency/IE3 Motors can be rewound without degrading efficiency.


ANSI/EASA AR100-2020

ANSI/EASA AR100-2015 cover

Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical Apparatus
This is a must-have guide to the repair of rotating electrical machines. Its purpose is to establish recommended practices in each step of the rotating electrical apparatus rewinding and rebuilding processes.



EASA Technical Manual

EASA Technical Manual cover

Revised September 2022
The EASA Technical Manual is the association's definitive and most complete publication. It's available FREE to members in an online format. Members can also download PDFs of the entire manual or individual sections.