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AC Motor Verification & Redesign - Version 4

ACR4_dvd_caseEASA's AC Motor Verification & Redesign - Ver. 4 software has been further refined and is fully integrated with EASA's Motor Rewind Database. This makes it the perfect program to lookup motor data, to verify existing winding data, and to perform motor winding redesigns.


Motor Rewind Data - Version 4

MotorRewindData_Ver4This latest version of the EASA motor winding database is the perfect tool to find motor winding data quickly. This version takes a large leap forward with the data that it provides members. Most notably, it now has the ability to connect to a live, ever-expanding online database of more than 250,000 windings.

The first copy of this software is FREE to Active and Allied members. 

(Note: The motor winding database is included in EASA's AC Motor Verification & Redesign - Ver. 4.)


How to Wind Three-Phase Stators - Version 2

DVD_caseThe valuable interactive training tool is ideal for training your novice(s). Even experienced winders will learn from it. The software teaches how to wind in a richly detailed, step-by-step approach. It includes narrative, animations and video clips, with tests to assess student comprehension.

Now streamed online at easa.com

The training, which is divided into 13 lessons, covers data taking, core testing, coil cutoff, burnout, stripping, core preparation, coil making, stator insulation, coil insertion, internal connections, lacing and bracing, inspection and test of untreated and treated windings, and winding treatment. Features include "Pro Tips" and "Drill Downs" that enhance the learning experience and assure that even the most experienced technician will learn from this product.

Members that previously purchased the CD-ROM can now access the course for FREE online.