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How to Use EASA Materials in a Trade Show

  • December 2021
  • Number of views: 743
  • Article rating: No rating

EASA provides a lot of valuable resources for members to utilize, including engineering support, sales and management training. One of the things we don’t talk enough about is how we, as members, can utilize these resources with our clients and prospective clients.

Discovering New Growth Opportunities Through Diversification

  • September 2021
  • Number of views: 1513
  • Article rating: No rating

The electrical apparatus service, sales and repair industry seems to have peaks and valleys when it comes to repairs, no matter your business’s size or location. When working in outside sales with my family’s service center a long time ago, we looked to balance this inconsistent workload with more services and repairs still centered around the electric motor.

Electric Motors: Repair or Replace? Sales/Marketing PowerPoint Tool

  • August 2021
  • Number of views: 5821
  • Article rating: 5.0
PowerPoint files

This PowerPoint presentation is available for members to use to present the factors that should be considered when customers are faced with making the difficult decision to repair their existing motor or purchase a replacement.

5 Marketing Tactics When You Need Results in a Time Crunch

  • August 2021
  • Number of views: 1575
  • Article rating: 5.0

What is the most valuable resource that your business can never make, buy or recruit more of? Time! Here are five tactics that you can implement quickly and easily when you need to move the needle in a short period of time.

Sales Strategies to Enact During a Pandemic

  • January 2021
  • Number of views: 1689
  • Article rating: 5.0

Whether you have a dedicated sales team or that responsibility falls to you, consider integrating these lessons from 2020 to your 2021 sales strategy.

Connecting NFPA 70E® Updates to Your Marketing

  • November 2020
  • Number of views: 1955
  • Article rating: 5.0

How are your marketing efforts related to the latest changes in the National Fire Protection Association's electrical safety standard, NFPA 70E® Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace? 
The NFPA 70E® has a specific purpose, and it never mentions marketing. After all, these are two entirely different subjects. Or are they?

Creating a Sales and Marketing Dream Team

  • October 2020
  • Number of views: 1851
  • Article rating: No rating

Whether your sales and marketing efforts are handled by different people or one singular person (even if that person is the owner!), you can implement some simple strategies to align the functions and watch your business grow.

Expanding Your Marketing Efforts

  • September 2020
  • Number of views: 1593
  • Article rating: No rating

Whether you have a dedicated marketing specialist or an employee willing to add the responsibility to their plate, check out a few easy steps to grow your marketing efforts.  

Your Customers Need a Trusted Advisor. Will It Be You?

  • September 2020
  • Number of views: 1549
  • Article rating: No rating

Throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most EASA service centers were able to continue operating as “essential businesses.” However, it has not been business as usual. You might have noticed at the height of shutdowns that the phone stopped ringing. Perhaps some of your customers shut down plants, and others began to defer capital spending to free up cash. Maybe business has begun to pick back up again, but it might not be at the level you projected for the year. What’s worse, “business as usual” may not return for some time, if ever. Now is the time to explore new opportunities and adapt.

Marketing Tip: Test Your Brand Quarterly

  • June 2020
  • Number of views: 1586
  • Article rating: No rating

At least once a quarter, spend a few minutes investigating your company as if you were a new customer. Remember, all your sales and marketing efforts must be backed up when customers hit your door, phone or website; otherwise your efforts are wasted.

Getting The Most From Your Electric Motors

Getting The Most From Your Electric Motors - coverThis 40-page booklet provides great advice for obtaining the longest, most efficient and cost-effective operation from general and definite purpose electric motors.

This booklet covers topics such as:

  • Installation, startup and baseline information
  • Operational monitoring and maintenance
  • Motor and baseline installation data
  • How to read a motor nameplate
  • Motor storage recommendations



EASA/AEMT Rewind Study

EASA Rewind Study cover

The Effect of Repair/Rewinding on Premium Efficiency/IE3 Motors
Tests prove Premium Efficiency/IE3 Motors can be rewound without degrading efficiency.


ANSI/EASA AR100-2020

ANSI/EASA AR100-2015 cover

Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical Apparatus
This is a must-have guide to the repair of rotating electrical machines. Its purpose is to establish recommended practices in each step of the rotating electrical apparatus rewinding and rebuilding processes.



EASA Technical Manual

EASA Technical Manual cover

Revised May 2021
The EASA Technical Manual is the association's definitive and most complete publication. It's available FREE to members in an online format. Members can also download PDFs of the entire manual or individual sections.