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Five Ways easa.com Can Help Your Business!

  • July 2023
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By Justin Hatfield
Marketing & Industry Awareness Committee Member

How much time have you spent at easa.com? There are a lot of valuable resources that are avaliable to you as an EASA member that you can use today!

  1. Training – Not only can you use easa.com to book a training class that you or your employees can attend, but there is a ton of archived content located in the “Resources” tab that you can use to train your team today! You can easily conduct a search on a term and see content that is available on that topic. I did a search and simply put “winding” in the search box. This brought up 307 different pieces of information. These varied from articles, videos and webinar recordings. One piece of information was a seven minute video called “Performing an Insulation Resistance Test” – what a great training tool to use with new technicians in your shop! Remember, this information is all included with your membership, so it doesn’t cost you a dime more!
  2. Technical Support – One of the easiest ways to get technical support from an EASA engineer is to use easa.com. Right in the middle of the homepage is a button labeled “Technical Support.” If you click that button, you can easily get to a page with great technical resources, including an orange button to “Submit a Technical Inquiry.” Simply click on “Submit a Technical Inquiry,” explain why you are asking for help and an EASA engineer will be in touch as soon as possible! This is a great resource that you can use to upload pictures and other details that will help the EASA engineer understand the whole picture of what you are encountering.
  3. Marketing Content – Want to be more involved with marketing but don’t have the time to make content to post? It’s easa.com to the rescue! In the Electromechanical Resource Center at easa.com, you have a variety of useful information that you can use as part of your marketing efforts. This information ranges from studies EASA has performed, the EASA/ANSI AR100 Standard, alignment information and much more. This information is at your disposal to use to help promote your business. Just be sure to credit EASA on the post! :)
  4. Find Specialty Help – None of us can do everything and when those situations arise, consider going to easa.com to find a member that can help you with what you need. Maybe you need to use a larger burn off oven, a specialty servo motor or whatever the reason; you can visit easa.com’s “Find a Member” section and search for an active EASA member who can help you. Using the neat “Advanced Search” options, you can filter down to members that can help you with exactly what you need. I’ve used this a number of times for help over the years, and I’ve found that EASA members are great at helping each other out!
  5. Find a Vendor – In the same “Find a Member” section of easa.com, you can search for Associate Members. These are members of EASA who are our vendors. You can search for “seal” or “coil” or whatever you are looking for, and if the vendor has the word in their description, they will pop right up. A search on the term “bearing” brought up 19 different potential vendors to help a member with a need. Their contact information is right there on the same screen, so you can reach out to see if they can help you.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways in which easa.com can help your business. Did you know that you can give each of your employees access to the website? If you aren’t sure how to do this, give EASA Member Services a call at +1 314 993 2220 or email easainfo@easa.com, and they will be happy to help you out!

Also, keep in mind that none of the things I’ve mentioned in this article cost you a dime extra. They are included in your EASA membership!

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