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Vibration Spectrum Analysis Tips

  • December 2021
  • Number of views: 247
  • Article rating: 3.0

The most basic tool a vibration analyst uses is the vibration spectrum. The spectrum is a graphic illustration of the frequencies present in a vibration signal and their relative amplitudes. This article provides a basic overview, examines settings and provides tips.

Consejos para Analizar los Espectros de Vibración

  • December 2021
  • Number of views: 205
  • Article rating: No rating
La herramienta más básica que utiliza un analista de vibraciones es el espectro de vibraciones. El espectro es una ilustración gráfica de las frecuencias presentes en una señal de vibración y sus amplitudes relativas. Este artículo proporciona una descripción general básica, examina la configuración y ofrece sugerencias.

How to Use EASA Materials in a Trade Show

  • December 2021
  • Number of views: 167
  • Article rating: No rating

EASA provides a lot of valuable resources for members to utilize, including engineering support, sales and management training. One of the things we don’t talk enough about is how we, as members, can utilize these resources with our clients and prospective clients.

EASA’s Next Gen Network on LinkedIn

Nominate an Employee Today

  • December 2021
  • Number of views: 189
  • Article rating: No rating

EASA’s next generation of leaders is as important as our current leaders. Now is the moment to let them know you “see” them, and you respect what they bring to your organization ... and The EASA Next Gen Network on LinkedIn provides a way to do that.

Unbalanced Magnetic Pull in Three-phase Electric Motors

  • November 2021
  • Number of views: 973
  • Article rating: 3.0

Although unbalanced magnetic pull can affect other rotating electric machines such as DC motors and generators and single-phase motors and generators, our focus in this article will be on three-phase squirrel cage induction motors. The two main topics are unbalanced magnetic pull (UMP) and rotor pullover.

Tracción Magnética Desbalanceada en Motores Eléctricos Trifásicos

  • November 2021
  • Number of views: 665
  • Article rating: No rating

Aunque la tracción magnética desbalanceada puede afectar a otras máquinas eléctricas rotativas, como los motores y generadores de CC y monofásicos, nuestro enfoque en este artículo se centrará en los motores jaula de ardilla trifásicos. Los dos temas principales son: La tracción magnética desequilibrada (UMP) y el descentrado del rotor (pullover).

Choosing the Right Management Style for Effective Leadership

  • November 2021
  • Number of views: 516
  • Article rating: No rating

Adhering to a few specific management styles can improve leadership effectiveness. A good leader recognizes the importance of employing the right management style at the right time to increase productivity, boost morale, encourage retention and manage crisis.

Evaluating Noise in Electric Motors

  • October 2021
  • Number of views: 1989
  • Article rating: 5.0
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Determining the source of noise in a motor is often much more challenging than correcting it. However, a methodical approach to investigating the noise can narrow down the possible causes.

Resin Treatment Tips for Service Centers

  • October 2021
  • Number of views: 2029
  • Article rating: No rating

One of the most briskly debated issues in our industry is the comparison – and procedures for – vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) versus dip & bake. For this article, the discussion has been expanded to include trickle epoxy and B-stage coils.

Consejos para el Tratamiento con Resina en los Centros de Servicio

  • October 2021
  • Number of views: 1727
  • Article rating: 3.0
Uno de los temas más debatidos en nuestra industria es la comparación y los procedimientos de impregnación a presión al vacío (VPI) versus inmersión y horneado. Para este artículo, la discusión se ha ampliado para incluir bobinas de etapa B y epoxi de goteo.

Getting The Most From Your Electric Motors

Getting The Most From Your Electric Motors - coverThis 40-page booklet provides great advice for obtaining the longest, most efficient and cost-effective operation from general and definite purpose electric motors.

This booklet covers topics such as:

  • Installation, startup and baseline information
  • Operational monitoring and maintenance
  • Motor and baseline installation data
  • How to read a motor nameplate
  • Motor storage recommendations



EASA/AEMT Rewind Study

EASA Rewind Study cover

The Effect of Repair/Rewinding on Premium Efficiency/IE3 Motors
Tests prove Premium Efficiency/IE3 Motors can be rewound without degrading efficiency.


ANSI/EASA AR100-2020

ANSI/EASA AR100-2015 cover

Recommended Practice for the Repair of Rotating Electrical Apparatus
This is a must-have guide to the repair of rotating electrical machines. Its purpose is to establish recommended practices in each step of the rotating electrical apparatus rewinding and rebuilding processes.



EASA Technical Manual

EASA Technical Manual cover

Revised May 2021
The EASA Technical Manual is the association's definitive and most complete publication. It's available FREE to members in an online format. Members can also download PDFs of the entire manual or individual sections.