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Principles of Medium & Large AC Motors, 1st Edition - IEC

  • February 2020
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This version of Principles of Medium & Large AC Motors manual is now available to address applicable IEC standards and practices. This 360-page manual was developed by industry experts in Europe along with EASA's engineering team. (The "original" version of this book based on NEMA standards remains available as a separate document.)

This manual includes drawings, photos and extensive text and documentation on AC motors, including how they work, information on enclosures, construction on components and applications. Many of the principles included apply to all AC motors, especially those with accessories that are associated with larger machines in the past (such as encoders, RTDs, thermostats, space heaters and vibration sensors).

While the manual covers horizontal and vertical squirrel-cage induction motors in the 37 to 3,700 kW (300 to 5,000 hp) range, low- and medium-voltage, most of the principles covered apply to other sizes as well. 

This valuable instructional/resource manual is available in printed and downloadable versions, and focuses primarily on IEC motors.

Sections in the manual include:
(Download the PDF below for the complete Tables of Contents)

  • Motor nomenclature & definitions
  • Motor enclosures
  • Typical motor applications
  • Safety & handling considerations
  • Basic motor theory
  • Motor standards
  • Stators
  • Squirrel cage rotors
  • Shafts
  • Bearings & lubrication
  • Motor accessories & terminal boxes
  • Test & inspection procedures
  • Motor alignment, vibration & noise
  • Storage procedures
  • Synchronous machines



This book is also available focusing on NEMA Standards — in both English and Español.

NEMA - English NEMA - Español

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