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Mechanical Reference Handbook

  • June 2021
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Mechanical Reference HandbookDESCRIPTION
This 94-page handbook (3.5" x 6", 9cm x 15cm) contains carefully selected materials designed to assist repair firms in their everyday work. Just as important, your customers and potential customers can use this pocket handbook as a handy reference for mechanical data for motors and driven equipment. Buy this great resource as is OR custom brand your company logo and information on the cover to turn it into a great marketing piece for your salespeople!



Alignment Information
Suggested Alignment Tolerances
ANSI/ASA Alignment Quality

Balancing And Vibration
Single-Plane Versus Two-Plane Balancing
Vibration Tests
Unfiltered Housing Vibration Limits
FFT Vibration Analysis
Vibration Constants
Vibration Conversion Factors
Electric Motor Vibration Diagnostic Chart

Motor Application Forumlas
Shear Stress
Speed–AC Machinery 
Affinity Laws–Centrifugal Applications

Conversion Factors, Equivalencies & Formulas
Conversion Factors
Temperature Conversion Chart
Common Fractions Of An Inch–Decimal & Metric Equivalents
Prefixes–Metric System
Formulas For Circles

Nominal Dimensions For Radial Ball Bearings
Nominal Dimensions For Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Radial Ball Bearing Fit Tolerances
Cylindrical Roller Bearing Fit Tolerances
Lock Nuts And Lock Washers For Ball Bearings

Motor Bearing Lubrication
Lubricating Oil Viscosity Conversions
NLGI Grease Compatibility Chart
Grease Classifications
Grease Relubrication Intervals

Metals And Alloys
Properties Of Metals And Alloys
Weight Formulas For Steel
Thermal Linear Expansion

ASTM And SAE Grade Markings For Steel Bolts And Screws
Precautions For Tightening Bolted Joints
Bolt Tightening Torque Values
Tap Drills And Clearance Drills For Machine Screws

Keys And Keyseats
NEMA Keyseat Dimensions–Foot-Mounted AC & DC Machines
IEC Shaft Extension, Key And Keyseat (Keyway) Dimensions
Square And Flat Stock Keys
Standard Keyseat Sizes
Metric Keys–Standard Sizes

Belts And Sheaves
Pulley Formulas For Calculating Diameters and Speeds
Belt Installation
Belt Tensioning
Belt Deflection Force And Elongation Ratio
Standard V-Belt Profiles And Dimensions
V-Belt Sheave Dimensions
V-Belt Sheave Dimensions For AC Motors With Rolling Bearings
Application Of V-Belt Sheave Dimensions To AC Motors With Rolling Bearings
Mounting Of Pulleys, Sheaves, Sprockets, And Gears On Motor Shafts
Minimum Pitch Diameter For Drives Other Than V-Belts

Welding, Brazing And Soldering
Recommended Copper Welding Cable Sizes
Types Of Weld Joints 
Basic Joints For Brazing
Melting Temperatures Of Tin-Lead-Antimony Alloys
Flux Requirements For Metals, Alloys And Coatings

Slings, Wire Rope, Shackles and eyebolts
Types Of Slings
Typical Sling Hitches
Wire Rope
Spreader Bars
Lifting Capacity
Forged Shackles
Eyebolt Strength

Common Signals For Crane

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