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How to Test and Assess Stator Core Condition Using a Loop Test

  • April 2020
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Toshiba - webinar sponsor badgePresented by Carlos Ramirez
EASA Technical Support Specialist

Is the motor drawing high no-load amps and winding data are correct? Are you experiencing unusual heating of the stator under load? Those common questions can be answered by checking the stator core condition. This presentation will discuss how to perform a stator core test using a loop test. It also will explain how to analyze the results, providing information about the associated equipment, tips for repairing core damage and explain other alternatives for stator core testing.

The presentation covers:

  • Loop test theory
  • Testing procedure
  • Acceptable limits for losses and core temperatures
  • Associated equipment
  • Tips for repairing core damage
  • Alternative stator core test

This presentation will be useful for supervisors, winders and test technicians.


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