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Articles in Industry Publications

Industry Research: New Insights from Plant Maintenance Customers

  • June 2023
  • Number of views: 1064
Convention presentation

Findings from the from the fifth EASA research study conducted of end-user customers.

State of the EASA Industry: Service Center Trends

  • June 2022
  • Number of views: 1842
Convention presentation

Presented at the 2022 EASA Convention, this study’s focus is wide ranging and explores general business practices, financial performance metrics, services, products and strategies around marketing and succession.

EASA Research on Growing Your Business: Key Info from the Manufacturer/Supplier Community

  • June 2021
  • Number of views: 1322
Convention presentation

This presenation fromthe EASA 2021 Convention focuses on motor manufacturers, suppliers and vendors critical to the industry.

Third COVID-19 Survey Conducted

  • May 2020
  • Number of views: 5317

View the results of survey that asked EASA members and members of 25 other associations to gauge the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Industry Research: New Insights from Plant Maintenance Customers

  • July 2019
  • Number of views: 5260
Convention presentation

The 2019 edition of EASA’s Industry Research, as presented at the 2019 EASA Convention, focuses on feedback from the end-user customer base. This research was conducted with the help of Plant Maintenance.

Using industry research data to support organization's sales staff

  • April 2019
  • Number of views: 4540

Do your salespeople ever wish they knew more about their competitors? Do they ever wish they understood our industry better? Today, the best salespeople are ones who keep abreast of a variety of changes going on in the marketplace. This is all valuable information that your salespeople could benefit from, too. The good news is that all of this information is available from the 2017 industry research study that was conducted by J. Peerbolte & Associates and Indian River Consulting Group and presented at the 2017 and 2018 EASA conventions.

Motor maintenance trends: 6 factors to evaluate

Recent EASA research studies provide new insights on repair vs. replace to help motors reliably drive machinery, pumps, conveyors, and other vital industrial equipment

  • June 2018
  • Number of views: 8671
Trade press article — Plant Engineering

When faced with an ailing or failed motor, plant operators typically consider whether to repair or replace it. According to a 2014 study conducted by Plant Engineering magazine for the Electrical Apparatus and Service Association (EASA), just more than one-half of plants have a policy of automatically replacing failed electric motors below a certain horsepower rating. While that horsepower rating varied depending upon the plant’s installed motor population, the average rating was 30 hp.

While such policies address a portion of the motors used at most plants, they do not cover what occurs with those motors. That question was addressed in a more recent research project commissioned by EASA that focused on the disposition of electric motors considered for repair.

Industry Research: Deeper into the Data - What Else We Learned

  • June 2018
  • Number of views: 6342
Convention presentation

Presented at the 2018 EASA Convention in Milwaukee, WI, this presentation takes a deeper look into the data from EASA's latest industry research project.

Industry Research: Service Center Trends and Future

  • June 2017
  • Number of views: 4682
Convention presentation

Over the past 15 years, EASA has conducted periodic research that has focused on many of the stakeholders and participants in the electromechanical repair, service and sales industry.  In early 2017, Indian River Consulting Group once again conducted research surveys of EASA repair firms. The results of those surveys show you the perspectives of fellow EASA members on a range of important subjects as well as the latest trends as well as perspectives from other industrial and distribution sectors. This research can help you to benchmark your company's results and strategies.

Key Insights: Criteria used by end-users when outsourcing maintenance

  • February 2016
  • Number of views: 4866

When end-users decide to outsource any maintenance service, what criteria do they use to evaluate possible vendors? This question was explored in EASA’s 2014 Customer Research study. It was also examined in the earlier EASA industry research (2003 and 2008) allowing the opportunity to determine if attitudes and practices have changed over time. 

End-user trends and attitudes about repairing electric motors

  • December 2015
  • Number of views: 4596

Are end-users repairing more electric motors today than in the past? Or fewer? What’s the trend? Certainly, this is an important question for most EASAns. This article briefly examines answers to these questions as gathered from the 2014 Customer Research study.

Repair or Replace? Research reveals criteria end users consider

  • November 2015
  • Number of views: 4587

Editor’s Note: This article takes a closer look at some of the key findings in an EASA industry research project conducted in 2014. How do end users make repair or replace decisions for failed electric motors? This question was explored in EASA’s 2014 end-user customer research study. It was also examined in the earlier 2003 and 2008 research projects providing the opportunity to determine if attitudes and practices have changed over time.

Are We Still Friends? Key Insights into the Global Motor Manufacturer’s View of EASA Members

  • June 2015
  • Number of views: 4339
Convention presentation

This thought-provoking session presents the results of EASA 2014 industry research. Based on exclusive interviews with executives from global motor manufacturers, it provides key insights into the opportunities and challenges ahead for EASA members.

Finding industry research and how to put it to good use

  • May 2015
  • Number of views: 3720

How well do you know what your customers really want, and why they purchase your services and products?  When challenged, I think most owners and salesmen believe they know all about their customers’ wants and needs. After all, that is what keeps us in business, right? You probably have a good idea about the desires and needs of any one customer, but what about the big picture? How well do you know what your customer base wants as a whole? Learn more about research available to EASA members.

A look at State of the EASA Industry research from a small-sized business perspective

Preparing for the future with steps that can be implemented today

  • May 2009
  • Number of views: 3808

As business owners and managers, the daily, sometimes hourly, emergencies get our focus and attention first. That's the nature of a service industry. It's so easy to keep doing what we've been doing. Thus, we don't have time to think about the kind of changes we want or need to make in our business. Change is going to happen whether we want it to or not. However, we may as well take some control of its direction. The greatest benefit I gained from the research report is several clues of what will work specifically for my company.