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Understand O-Rings in Submersible Pump Maintenance & Repair Process

Inspect compression surfaces thoroughly to help ensure leak-free repairs

  • June 2014
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A leak rate of one drip per minute equals about a liter (quart) of water in three days. For an O-ring on a submersible pump, that is a major problem. O-rings are often used for static seals on submersible pumps. Understanding what makes a good static seal and what causes one to leak is important for pump maintenance and repair technicians.

The effectiveness of an O-ring static seal depends on the dimensions of the mating parts, the surface finish of the mating parts and the characteristics of the elastomeric O-ring. The focus of this article is the dimensions and condition of the mating parts.

Topics covered in the article include:

  • Dimensions
  • Identification of critical surfaces
  • A case study