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Looking For A Career With Opportunities for Growth?

The electro-mechancial repair industry offers exciting and varied job opportunities for employees that want to be part of an industry that's essential to everyday life. Watch the video to learn about the opportunities available to you.


Looking for Employees?
If you're an EASA member, use this video and other resources to promote your business to potential employees.


Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

Still Time To Register
for EASA 2023

Join your fellow EASAns in National Harbor, Maryland — just minutes from Washington, DC — as we celebrate EASA's 90th Birthday! 


EASA Launches New, Job-Specific Training Videos


Having trouble finding time for training? Check out the how-to videos in EASA’s new series Electric Motor Repair Tips.

Four videos are available now (with more planned in the future). Topics include insulation resistance (IR) testing; how to set brush neutral on a DC machine; how to measure magnet wire; and how to measure a bearing journal. Each video is short (five to six minutes), so you can squeeze in job-specific training in minimal time.

These videos can be found now and in the future as separate entries in the Resource Library, on the new Training Video Library page and on the technical support information page. These videos are also available to the public as a special playlist on EASA's YouTube channel.

Sid Seymour, EASA Chairman of the Board

Tech Tip: VPI Quality Control Tip

When performing vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) of form coil windings, remove a sample coil after transferring the resin out of the tank, but leave the stator in the tank. Unwrap the sample coil to confirm adequate resin penetration. If the resin did not penetrate to the conductors, repeat the VPI cycle using a longer pressure cycle. If you cure the stator and sample coil and cut the coil open for inspection, it will be too late to take corrective action if penetration is inadequate.

Management Tip: Rowing in the Same Direction!

Tim Hebert
Management Services Committee Member

A&W Electric, Inc.

Over the past few years, the idea of employee engagement has gotten a lot of attention. How can we as employers get the maximum that each team member has to offer? How do we make sure they are all working toward the same goal? I have found that most people want to contribute to a winning team. Our challenge is to direct that team. We have found two things very helpful in that process.

  1. Clear expectations – It’s difficult for an employee to help if he/she doesn’t know what they should be doing. A “Same Page” meeting that is 5–7 minutes daily or 30 minutes weekly helps us identify the main objectives for each group every week. What are the “gotta haves,” and how can my actions help toward that end? That may be with respect to completing certain jobs, ordering certain parts or maintaining certain machinery. Once all people know what the group must accomplish, it helps direct their efforts toward that goal.
  2. Keep Score – A portion of our “Same Page” meeting focuses on our results. How did our numbers look? What were the wins? The losses? As soon as we started sharing the numbers both good and bad, people began to take ownership of those numbers! Did we complete enough jobs? Did we invoice enough?

We found implementing those two steps helped direct individual efforts toward group goals and spread out the responsibility to hit the key results we were looking to achieve. Share the information with your team; they want to help!

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