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Expanding Your Marketing Efforts

  • September 2020
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Crystal Bristow

Jenkins Electric Co.
Charlotte, North Carolina

Whether you have a dedicated marketing specialist or an employee willing to add the responsibility to their plate, check out a few easy steps to grow your marketing efforts.  

Walk It Out: Ask the person responsible for marketing to walk around the service center frequently. Have them ask the technicians what they are working on and what exciting projects they see. This is the first step in building a continuous stream of marketing content.  

Ask For Help: Ask technicians, engineers and mechanics to send you their photos from the field, in the shop and especially from jobs “they have never done before.” If the job is interesting for them, your audience will likely find it engaging. As a marketer, you can’t be everywhere, but as your technical team starts to share unique projects reflexively, you’ll be surprised by what comes your way.  

Befriend Your Delivery Driver: Your delivery drivers are among your most influential and knowledgeable marketing sources. Create a small literature packet, give them a stash of promotional items to hand out to key customers and share the types of customers and projects of interest. They know about every project coming your way, so use that to your advantage!  

Check Your Facts: When your technical team shares a photo and the technical details of a job, circle back with the content you create to ensure accuracy.

The more employees feel like they’re part of your organization’s marketing efforts, the more information and content they will supply. 


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