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Advice: Effects of High or Low Voltage on Motor Performance

  • September 2020
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Ever had a customer return from camping and complain of a distinct odor of burnt electronics filling the air? The next thing that RVer knows, the water pump quits and the AC stops working. The consumer flips the switch for a circulating fan, but nothing happens. Even the stabilizer jacks will not operate.

If so, the culprit may be voltage variation from the incoming power source, which sometimes is hundreds of feet from the distribution transformer that supplies the varying demands of all the RVs connected to it. While that prime campsite might be perfect for the user, voltage variation can be hazardous for the RV’s electrical devices—especially its electric motors.

This article covers:

  • Voltage variation
  • High and low voltage effects on motor performace and reliability
    • Energy efficiency
    • Current
    • Temperature rise
    • Overload capacity
  • Imporatnce of checking service voltage


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