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Carol & David Griffin

Recipients of the 2022 EASA Award

Carol & David Griffin - EASA Award 2022

Past EASA Chairman Jerry Gray, right, presents the 2022 Exceptional Achievement Service Award to David & Carol Griffin.


This year’s recipients have been active in EASA for over 20 years. David Griffin served eight years on the International Board of Directors – from 2003 to 2011. But it is his commitment to improving the European and World Chapter and functioning as the driving force behind EASA Accreditation that has made a lasting impact and set a standard for many to follow.

Carol Griffin helped David make things happen by tirelessly working behind the scenes organizing meetings, collecting money and writing and editing newsletters. David could not have accomplished what he did without Carol's support.

Their commitment to our industry is evident in the nominating letters we received.

For instance, one letter read:

“They have been instrumental in driving EASA Region 9 forward. They have provided the backbone of the operation for many years.”

Another read:

“He (David) is the father and the mentor of EASA Region 9. Always available with a listening ear and with the right advice. We can always count on both of them to guide us through our yearly events.”

Yet another said:

“During my company’s EASA membership, they have always led initiatives or have been part of committees promoting the interest of both EASA and its members.”

And finally:

“She (Carol) has worked tirelessly behind the scenes as the unofficial secretary for our region. Whether chasing payments for training courses or organizing seminars and conferences, she was always patient and reliable. He (David) was a driving force in the initial years of our chapter, and he was instrumental in putting structure into the European committee.”