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EASA Vo-Tech Training Manuals, Full Set
  • Category: Technical Training
  • Format: Manuals
  • Language: English
  • Size: 8.5" x 11"

The nine-volume EASA Vo-Tech program simplifies training. Topics range from Safety to Basic Shop Skills to AC and DC Motors. Depending on a member’s company size, the program can be conducted in a classroom by a designated individual, in small groups or self paced. A comprehensive test with answer key is provided for each volume purchased. Discounts are available for members who wish to purchase a full nine-volume set. You can also save by ordering multiple copies of each volume. Order at least one complete nine-volume set of EASA Vo-Tech and receive a complimentary copy of Managing A Training Program. Topics include how to analyze your training needs, the supervisor as trainer, and evaluating your training results.

Volume 1: Safety
Volume 2: Shop Skills I
Volume 3: Basic Shop Skills II
Volume 4: Basic Electricity I
Volume 5: Basic Electricity II
Volume 6: Basic Mechanics I
Volume 7: Basic Mechanics II
Volume 8: AC Motors
Volume 9: DC Motors
Plus the Bonus Volume: Managing A Training Program

For further details about each volume, please see the individual products in EASA's online store.

  • Member: $1029.00
  • Non-Member: $2058.00


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