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David Walters, OBE

Recipient of the 2009 EASA Award

David Walters, OBD - EASA Award

Professor David Walters, OBE (right), accepts the Exceptional Achievement Service Award from George Stratton.

Mr. Walters is known by many EASAns for his extensive involvement in two studies that tested the efficiency of repaired/rewound motors.

In the late 1990s, he was instrumental in developing the Code of Good Practice, published by the Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT) in the UK. Subsequently, he was a key contributor in developing the EASA/AEMT Rewind Study and Good Practice Guide to Maintain Motor Efficiency. Both of these important, groundbreaking studies determined that motors can be repaired/rewound without losing efficiency. For his significant role in these important works, we are most appreciative.

This commitment is evident in the nominating letters we received.

For instance, one letter from a repair firm member read:

His efforts to raise the profile of the electrical repair industry could never be overestimated. During his time as technical director for the largest motor manufacturer in the UK, he was instrumental in the design of the ‘World Series Motor.’ He always fostered close working relationships with our company representatives. In addition, his hard work was fundamental in the development of an apprentice training scheme for our industry in the UK and the setting up of a training school dedicated to training apprentices at Loughborough College.

Another read letter of recommendation read:

Over the years as an AEMT consultant and in working with EASA on energy efficiency in large AC machines, he has contributed greatly to the electric motor repair industry.

And still another read:

He has written a number of papers on electric motors focusing heavily on energy efficiency. In 1997, he was awarded the ‘Order of the British Empire’ title for his service to energy efficiency. I believe the EASA award for exceptional achievement could be placed with no better candidate than Professor David Walters, OBE.