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Steve Skenzick

Recipient of the 2019 EASA Award

Steve Skenzick - EASA Award 2019

Past EASA Chairman Lenwood Ireland, left, presents the 2019 Exceptional Achievement Service Award to Steve Skenzick.


Steve Skenzick has been active in EASA for many years. He served two terms on the International Board of Directors – from 2006 to 2012. And he served for five years on EASA’s Technical Services Committee. But it is his participation and leadership at the chapter and regional levels that have made a lasting impact and set a standard for many to follow.

His commitment to our industry is evident in the nominating letters we received.

For instance, one letter read:

He has provided guidance and many long hours of work to ensure EASA’s success. Moreover, his distinguishing actions are always to better and promote EASA International and the motor repair industry in general.

Another read:

Working with and observing him in many chapter roles, plus the roles he served as Region 7 Director, show his continual dedication to EASA and his passion for EASA to be the lead authority to the electromechanical industry.

Yet another said:

He has been the binding fabric within his chapter and region, freely contributing his time and efforts organizing and running chapter and regional events.

And finally:

He has been a personal valued mentor and a good friend to me who welcomed me with open arms into the EASA community at a pivotal moment in my professional development, for which I am forever grateful.