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Michael G. Pence

Recipient of the 2013 EASA Award

Michael G. Pence - EASA Award

Michael Pence, left, accepts the Exceptional Achievement Service Award from Kevin Toor.

Michael G. Pence can be described as the ultimate EASA volunteer. For those who know him, he epitomizes the award recipients before him.

Over the years, he has served as a chapter officer, regional director, officer and chairman, or president, as it was at the time. Many may remember his administrative year theme as “Focus on the Future.”

After serving as the chief elected leader in 1995-1996, he continued to serve the association for many years on a number of committees including in particular the Insurance and Management Services Committees. His input was and is highly valued.

While he sold his business a few years ago, and retired shortly thereafter, he has left an impressive legacy in the industry he loved and served.

His contributions to EASA are extensive and impressive. This commitment is evident in the nominating letters we received.

For instance, one letter read:

His contributions to the electric motor service industry and to EASA make him an exceptional candidate for this award. Always a gentleman, he is a willing volunteer and mentor who has aided countless EASA members individually and the association as a whole with his valuable insight and expertise.

Another read:

He has a quick wit which always ends with a positive message. Inevitably, he tells you a story, draws you in, captivates you and hits you with the punch line – again, with a positive conclusion. He is dedicated to life and life as an EASAn.

And another:

While chairman, he was able to provide the leadership to set in motion an educational vision during a transitional time for our industry. To this day, we still follow the ideas and standards for leadership that he set forth.

Pence is also devoted to his community, as reflected in this final letter:

His compassion has been consistently demonstrated by his service to the less fortunate in his parish and diocese, including service on the Board of Directors for Mercy Hospital in Joplin, Missouri. After the tornado disaster there, his compassion has been further demonstrated as he advocated and stood in the gap for his wounded – and still rebuilding – community.