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Frank Leonard

Recipient of the 2012 EASA Award

Frank Leonard - EASA Award

Frank Leonard, left, accepts the Exceptional Achievement Service Award from Sandi Howlett.

To say that Frank Leonard started out in the motor repair industry in a small way is an understatement. He opened his doors for business in 1958 in a very small building in Bristol, Virginia, with little equipment and borrowed funds.

There was only enough room on the first floor for motor teardown and reassembly. A hole was cut in floor of the second story so that motors could be hoisted to the second floor for repairs.

From those meager beginnings nearly 55 years ago, our recipient has acquired and built one of the leading manufacturing and electrical apparatus service organizations in the Southeastern U.S.—Electro-Mechanical Corporation.

He is well respected for his service to the industry, the hundreds of employees at the companies he heads, and in the community where he lives.

Leonard’s contributions to our industry are extensive and impressive. This commitment is evident in the nominating letters EASA received.

For instance, one letter read:

He has always been a progressive thinker and took advantage of using the latest innovative equipment offered to the industry. Hence he was able to grow his business to a respectable size over a period of years. Throughout his successful career, he remained loyal to his first venture in the electrical repair business. He served in every capacity of EASA in the southeast and was always available to host chapter meetings and serve as chapter president.

Another nomination read:

He has devoted most of his life’s work to the electrical apparatus industry. He has developed various innovative types of equipment to help the repair industry keep pace with the new motors manufactured. He has excelled in the manufacture of transformers and power units for the mining industry.

And yet another read:

His character, honesty and integrity are more than admirable. He has accomplished great things in our industry and has done so in a manner to be well respected.

And one last letter read in part:

If someone is in need of a helping hand, he is a very generous and giving person.

That last statement is well documented in an incredibly long list of community service and enormous philanthropy.

And finally, he considers that one of his greatest accomplishments is his family. He takes great pride in being a devoted family man with his wife Jackie, four children and 10 grandchildren.