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J. Edward Jenkins, Sr.

Recipient of the 2006 EASA Award

Iain Jenkins - Accepting the EASA Award for J. Edward Jenkins, Sr.

Iain Jenkins (left) accepts the Exceptional Achievement Service Award from Bill Nielsen on behalf of his grandfather, J Edward Jenkins, Sr.

J. Edward Jenkins, Sr.Mr. Jenkins was born April 19, 1914 in Shelby, North Carolina. His mother was a secretary and a schoolteacher. His father was a salesman, blacksmith, cabinet and furniture maker, and a farmer.

When growing up, it was obvious he was a quick learner. In fact, he learned so quickly that he was able to skip the fifth grade, and ultimately graduate from high school at age 16. That was 1930.

Four years later, he graduated with honors having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University. That put him in the job market in the midst of the Great Depression. Electrical equipment manufacturers and utilities weren’t hiring, so he decided to look into electric motor repair.

He picked up the Yellow Pages and started down the list of repair facilities. The first listing was Armature Winding Company. He contacted them and was hired. He worked there until 1969 when he purchased the repair side of the business.

Since then, he has operated one of the most successful and respected electric motor repair facilities in the southeastern United States. He is admired and respected by customers and other EASA members for his commitment to service.

Over the years, he has been an enthusiastic supporter of EASA and was an active volunteer in his chapter. He is a past president of the Southeastern Chapter. Mr. Jenkins has been associated with member companies of this Association spanning back more than 70 years to the early days of NISA.

His commitment is evident in the nominating letters we received. For instance, one read:

EASA members (I talked with) spoke very highly of him and how he had helped many people in the electric motor repair business. Even if a question came from a competitor and he could answer it, he was always willing to help our industry in any way he could.” Another read: “In every organization there are a few individuals who are respected and admired above all others. (He) is one of those exceptional individuals. He earned the utmost respect of every EASA member who ever called him for help because of his keen knowledge of electric motors, transformers and switchgear.