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Sam Heller

Recipient of the 1997 EASA Award

Sam Heller - EASA Award

Sam Heller accepts the Exceptional Achievement Service Award during EASA's 1997 Convention.

At the time of his nomination, Mr. Heller had served in our industry for more than 65 years. He began his career at age 18 with Berger Electric in New York City. He quickly saw the need for a company that specialized in rewinding DC motors for other service centers, so in 1930, he started Consolidated Electric Motor Company. Mr. Heller was joined in this venture by his brother, and the company became a member of NISA (National Industrial Service Association, later to become EASA) soon after its fouding in 1933.

After 30 prosperous years, he started American Rectifier Corporation, which manufactured large industrial power supplies and rectifiers, AC voltage regulators, electronic controls for DC motors drives and both oil and dry-type transformers.

After 15 years as cheif engineer at American Rectifier Corporation, he became a consultant, lecturer, trainer and author. Mr. Heller conducted many EASA seminars and spoke at chapter meetings. He is also the author of numerous technical books. Mr. Heller is also the inventor of the DATARULE, a slide rule once widely used in our industry to make AC motor redesign calculations.

Mr. Heller consulted for hundreds of EASA members and for most of the largest U.S. companies. He was the recipent of a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and was a registered professional engineer.

One letter of recommendation read:

Sam Heller is truly an icon in our industry. He has never been to busy to help others, and the tougher the problem the more relish he took in helping members solve it. His contributions to our industry are enormous, and he has been a particular friend of EASA.