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Jasper Fisher

Recipient of the 2010 EASA Award

Jasper Fisher - EASA Award

Jasper Fisher, left, accepts the Exceptional Achievement Service Award from Kevin Miller.

Jasper Fisher is known by a majority of EASA members. Chances are, you’ve had a conversation with him, sat on committee with him, attended an EASA event, or heard him deliver a speech. You may have attended chapter officer training with him, or a training seminar. You may have called him for help, or he may have called you to offer help.

Fisher has served the Association in some volunteer capacity for more than 20 years. And he continues serving today.

He has served as chapter officer, Board member, International officer and Chairman of the Board. He has chaired countless committees and even today continues to serve on one.

"I first met him in 1996 at the EASA convention in Phoenix," said former EASA Chairman Kevin Miller. "He immediately made me feel at home and honored to be part of EASA. Since then, I have always admired his commitment to serving the Association and its members."

Over the years, he has had a profound effect on other EASAns as well. This was reflected in some of the nominating letters that were received.

I can remember his speech as our new chairman of the board in 1999 at the EASA Convention in Toronto. I recall thinking: This is a passionate, sensitive man who is dedicated to our Association. He is a determined leader with a focused sense of purpose. How true first impressions can be!

Another said:

After retiring from the Board, he served as chair of the Technical Education Committee from 2001 to 2008, and continues to serve as a member. It was through his guiding hand as committee chair that the “How to Wind Three Phase Stators” CD-ROM was produced. Today it is one of the best training tools ever produced by the Association for its members.

And another stated:

His life and service to our Association and industry are good examples of why this award was established.