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Art Anderson

Recipient of the 2017 EASA Award

Art Anderson - EASA Award

Past EASA Chairman, left, presents the 2017 Exceptional Achievement Service Award to Art Anderson.


Art Anderson started his career in the electrical apparatus business at an early age. In fact, he started to work in the industry almost at the same time he started to walk. That’s because his father, James J. Anderson, was a service center owner/manager and was very active in EASA. In fact, his father was EASA’s International President, our chairman, in 1972-73.

He once said that his father had vision and passion for EASA—that it be the very best technical and educational resource in our industry. His father passed away in 1999, and because of his incredible work for the Association and our industry over the years, he received this very same award posthumously in 2000.

Like his father, Mr. Anderson has served as EASA’s chief elected leader; he was chairman in 2006-2007. A deep commitment to this industry clearly runs in the family.

While he had many accomplishments during his years of service before retiring, his most recent contribution was serving as chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Accreditation. As a member of that committee, I can tell you he did an exemplary job for which we should all be grateful, said former EASA Chairman Mike Dupuis.

His contributions to our industry are extensive and impressive. This commitment is evident in the nominating letters EASA received.

For instance, one letter read:

“He has proven to be an amazing example of someone who is selfless and totally devoted to service. Whether it’s EASA, Rotary International, or his church, he is always giving to others. He praises others and plays down his contributions on any team, even though he is often the one out front doing the leg work on any project and pushing it through to completion.”

Another read:

“He is one of those special individuals who has given much to EASA in a very unassuming way. His quiet mannerism allows him to listen and then give a view that is always reasonable and to the point. His rich history in the positions he has held in his chapter and on the international level are well known and documented. However, what he really brings to EASA are his openness and desire to simply be of help to any EASAn who asks.”

And finally:

“Following in his father’s footsteps, he has displayed true 'exceptional achievement' in both his ability to run a service center and be an outstanding EASA member.”