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Important Update: How to Wind Three-Phase Stators

  • November 2020
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How To Wind Three-Phases Stators coverDue to Adobe Flash Player’s official end of life scheduled for Dec. 31, 2020, EASA updated and replaced the interactive PDF version of this product with an online-only HTML5 version. This training will now stream directly from EASA’s website — no installation necessary! You only need a modern web browser and audio playback capability. Support for the PDF version of this training will be end ing soon.

If you have already purchased this product, or plan to purchase it, all employees associated with your company will automatically get access to this training as long as they have an EASA account on the website. A company’s primary contact can easily add new employees by logging into go.easa.com/roster. If an employee leaves your company, the primary contact can simply return to the same page, remove the employee from the company roster to prohibit access to the training (as well as all member-exclusive resources). If you have not recently reviewed your roster, this is the perfect opportunity to do so!


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