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EASA meditation procedure

When one EASA member has a disagreement with another EASA member regarding the intent or spirit of the Association's Code of Business Practice, Governing Policies and/or Bylaws, or by conduct contrary to the best interests of the Association, the member may confer with EASA's Trade Relations Committee in accordance with the following procedure:

  1. Advise the committee chairman in writing of the disagreement and request the committee's assistance in resolving it. A copy of this letter should also be sent to your regional director.
  2. The committee chairman will require the originator to complete and sign a mediation request form detailing the circumstances surrounding the disagreement.
  3. When this form is received from the originator, the committee chairman will forward a copy to the second member to inform him of the disagreement with him. At the same time he will be requested to respond on a similarly signed form, a copy of which will be forwarded to the originator.
  4. After completed and signed forms from both members have been reviewed by the committee chairman, the chairman will attempt to mediate an amicable resolution of the disagreement.

Trade Relations Committee

Mediate written complaints of one member against another regarding alleged violations of EASA's Code of Business Practice in accordance with EASA's member mediation procedures.

Mr. William Gray


Control Concepts, Inc.
6635 Theall Rd
Houston, TX 77066
Business phone: 713-460-2516
Email: bgray@cci-houston.com

Mr. Brian Larry

Committee Coordinator

Larry Electric Motor Service, Ltd.
164 Sherbrooke St
Peterborough, ON K9J 2N3
Business phone: 705-743-3167
Email: brian@larryelectric.ca

Ms. Linda J. Raynes

Staff Liaison

Electrical Apparatus Service Association
1331 Baur Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63132-1913
Business phone: 314-993-2220, Ext. 3324
Email: lraynes@easa.com