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EASA's Energy and Environmental Policies

Energy Policy

The members of the Association recognize the conservation of energy is of extreme importance. Members will strive to ensure that the methods, techniques and materials they use to service and rebuild rotating electrical machines will maintain or improve their energy efficiency, whenever possible. As an international organization, this Association and its members shall be energy conservation advocates throughout the world. They will develop and promote proactive strategies to increase the public awareness of the compelling need for energy conservation. The Association shall establish itself as a leading resource for knowledge and information dealing with electrical energy utilization and conservation in the rebuilding of rotating electrical machines.

Environmental Policy

The preservation of our environment is of major importance to the members of the Association. Members will conduct their business activities so as to preserve and, in all ways practical, to improve our environment by eliminating or reducing the amount of pollutants they release into the environment. When the members handle or dispose of known pollutants, they will always do so by approved methods using approved disposal sites. The Association will continue to develop and promote proactive strategies to increase the members' awareness of the need to reduce pollutants produced by their businesses and to handle these pollutants only by recognized and approved methods.