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How to schedule

To schedule private education for your group, contact:

Dale Shuter, CMP
Meetings & Expositions Manager

+1 314 993 2220, ext. 3335

1 hour of training

$300 for EASA Chapters/Regions
$400 for member companies
$800 for non-members

How a webinar works

All EASA private webinars are live events in which the audio and video are streamed to your computer over the Internet. Prior to the program, you will receive a web link to join the meeting. 

The presentation portion of the webinar will last about 45 minutes, followed by about 15 minutes of questions and answers.


  • Internet connection
  • Computer with audio input (microphone) and audio output (speakers) appropriate for your size group
  • TV or projector/screen

Zoom logo

The Zoom webinar service EASA uses will ask to install a small plugin. Your computer must be configured to allow this in order to have full functionality. Please check with your IT department or company's security policy prior to scheduling a private webinar.

Private Webinars

EASA's private webinars are an inexpensive way to bring an EASA engineer into your service center, place of business or group meeting without incurring travel expenses or lost production time.

Belt Loads

  • March 2019
  • Number of views: 2301
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This session will address the impact of overhung loads on bearing life. Critical factors include belted horsepower, belt tension, sheave sizes and sheave location. The use of ball bearings versus roller bearings will be considered as well as the factors that affect that decision. Not all belted loads should be roller bearings! Methods to calculate the bearing load and maximize life of the bearings will be shown.

Who should attend
This seminar will be most useful for service center and field technicians, service center managers, and engineers with a need to understand how overhung loads can lead to catastrophic bearing failure.

Categories: Private webinars
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