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Become an Active Member of EASA

An active member is a company that repairs or performs regular maintenance on electric motors, pumps, drives, controls, gearboxes or any other electromechanical apparatus.

Does your company qualify?
If your company has been in business at least one year, has at least two full-time employees and agrees to comply with EASA's Bylaws and Governing Policies, you qualify for membership!

If your business has multiple locations, each facility is eligible to apply for its own membership. Benefits are location-specific.



Why Join?

  • Engineering Consulting Service
    Get answers from EASA’s technical engineering support team on questions or problems relating to electromechanical apparatus. Our engineers are available by phone and online!
    - 4 motor engineers
    - 1 pump, vibration and balancing specialist
  • Training
    Keep your team’s skills sharp with face-to-face, online and self-paced training spanning all skill levels.
  • Community
    Network and learn from like-minded professionals from all over the world at the annual convention and local events. 
  • Valuable Resources
    Leverage information and tools specifically designed for service centers including technical and management content and promotional assets. Find these tools at www.easa.com and in Currents, EASA’s official monthly newsletter.
  • Exclusive Software
    Access industry-specific software to assist with your everyday operations including the AC Motor Verification and Resign software and the EASA Motor Winding Database; both of which contain data on approximately 250,000 motors ... and growing.
  • Free Listing on EASA’s Website
    Give your future customers an easy way to find you.
  • Industry Research, Awareness and Representation
    Stay up to date on industry trends, relevant news and studies that disprove the myth of degrading motor efficiency during rewind. EASA also represents your interests on standards committees and governing bodies.
  • Discounts
    Receive discounted rates for EASA events, products and education.


The membership fee for new active members includes EASA dues, chapter dues and a $75 entrance fee.

International Dues

EASA Dues for Active Members (U.S. dollars)
Number of employees Annual dues (1/1/2024 - 12/31/2024)
1 - 10 $895
11 - 25 $1,455
26 - 50 $2,116
51 - 75 $2,732
76 - 100 $3,012
101 or more $3,359


Chapter Dues
All Active members must belong to a chapter. Chapters provide members an avenue for networking and best practice sharing on a local level. EASA recommends belonging to your geographical chapter, however, you may choose to belong to any chapter you wish. Chapter dues amounts vary. After submission of your application, EASA will contact you regarding chapter membership and applicable dues.


International Shipping/Handling: $89
Companies outside of the United States and Canada applying for Active membership will be charged an $89 US fee to cover the shipping cost of the EASA New Member Kit. EASA does not pay customs and duties.

Membership Terms
EASA membership renews on an anniversary cycle, so you will renew on the anniversary of your join date. So, if you join EASA in January, your renewal will be due every January.

Yours when you join

New Active members will receive a welcome packet containing:

  • Electrical Engineering Pocket Handbook (1)
  • Mechanical Reference Handbook (1)
  • Employee Safety Guide (1)
  • Internal Connections Diagrams for Three-Phase Electric Motors book (1)
  • Motor Rewind Data - Version 4 - software (1)
  • Getting the Most from Your Electric Motors booklet (1)
  • Failures in Three-Phase Stator Windings brochure (1)
  • ANSI/EASA AR100: Recommended Practice for the Repair of Electric Motors booklet (1)
  • Job Descriptions for EASA Service Centers booklet (1)
  • EASA Resource Guide (1)
  • AC and DC Motor Data Sheets (9)
Does your service center repair or service pumps?


EASA has a Pump & Vibration Specialist on staff and can provide engineering advice and troubleshooting to your technicians. EASA also publishes technical articles focusing on all types of pumps, pump operation, pump design and pump troubleshooting. EASA also has seminars and training that focus specifically on pumps and the special issues facing pump repairers.




Tyler Voss
EASA Membership & Communications Specialist
1331 Baur Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63132 USA
Phone: +1 314 993 2220
Fax: +1 314 993 1269