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April 2018

  • Gary Byars to serve as EASA's 2018-2019 Chairman
  • Chairman Ireland's Message - "Connect to Quality" products: EASA Convention exhibit hall will provide opportunity to review and compare
  • DC motor applications: Types of fields and benefits of each
  • What do you need to know about the Internet of Things?
  • EASA's upcoming seminars
  • Management Pulse: April survey will focus on sexual harassment issues
  • EASA 2018 exhibitors
  • May webinar focuses on "Using Variable-Speed Drives to Improve Pump System Efficiency"
  • Upcoming EASA webinars
  • Advanced rotor bar testing with surface magnetic field measurements
  • Safety Module #10 focuses on machine guarding, hand tools
  • New at EASA headquarters

March 2018

  • Plan to attend 2018 EASA Convention in Milwaukee
  • “Connect to Quality” processes and EASA Accreditation
  • EASA Executive Secretary Anne Vogel retires after 23 years
  • Considerations for surface masking and winding treatment processes
  • EASA Accreditation Audit Checklist Version 3.0 issued
  • Management Services Committee meets
  • EASA Accreditation Program update
  • April webinar to focus on “DC Brush Neutral: What It Means and Interpreting Results”
  • Fleet management: Ideas to help operate company vehicles more effectively and efficiently
  • Safety Module #9: Fire Prevention, Emergency Preparedness Program

February 2018

  • Technical Support Specialist Jim Bryan to retire February 28
  • Chairman Ireland's Message: Characteristics to consider when you strive to "Connect to Quality" people to join your team
  • Charles A. "Charlie" Brown re-elected director of EASA's Region 2
  • Motor nameplate: What information it provides
  • EASA members offer much more than just motor repair
  • New Active and Associate Members
  • Environmental update for EASA members in the U.S.
  • March 21 webinar: "Requirements to Service Hazardous Location Motors"
  • EASA’s Safety Module #8 focuses on accident investigation
  • Chuck Yung receives award at IEEE PCIC Conference

January 2018

  • Complimentary February webinar to focus on "EASA Accreditation Review & Participant Feedback"
  • EASA announces new "Sales Skills Development Workshop"
  • Chairman Ireland's Message: Connect to a "Quality" Life-Work Balance
  • Techniques for detailed screening of vibration data; setting alarm limits
  • Creating user-friendly service center forms
  • 2018 Convention preview
  • EASA Accreditation Program update
  • Safety Tips: General rules when using a grinder
  • Tech Tip: Interpreting results of armature surge test
  • Watch for February survey about interest in business insurance
  • Buckle up! EASA's Safety Module #7: Industrial Lift Trucks
Currents - January 2018

December 2017

  • Streaming video presentation available at on "How and Why to Avoid Using Counterfeit Bearings"
  • Chairman Ireland's Message: Thanks for participation in Member Needs Assessment Survey; wishing Joy and Peace during the "Holy-day" Season
  • Paul Rossiter elected new director of EASA Region 7
  • Electrical machine enclosures: Degrees of protection (IP) codes
  • EASA's Safety Module #6 focuses on hazard communication
  • Motor bearings: Electrical damage simplified
  • Tech Tip: Effect of adjustable speed drive carrier frequency on bearing current
  • EASA Accreditation Program update
Currents - Dec. 2017

November 2017

  • Industry Awareness Campaign success continues
  • Chairman Ireland's Message: "Connect to Quality" training tools, resources
  • Air gap - what is it and why is it important?
  • Management Pulse: Survey results focus on customer credit, payment options
  • Synthetic lubricants for use in rolling element bearings
  • Tech Tip: Key points when performing stator core loop test
  • EASA's Safety Module #5 focuses on fall protection
Currents - November 2017

October 2017

  • Plan to participate, provide important feedback in upcoming Member Needs Assessment Survey
  • Members may download industry research presentation materials
  • Chairman Ireland's Message: Your input will help Board develop new Strategic Plan
  • Managing technical requirement to ensure quality
  • List of EASA Accredited companies
  • Tech Tip: Troubleshooting DC field temperature issues
  • Safety Module #4 focuses on developing a lockout/tagout program
Currents - October 2017

September 2017

  • EASA experts to present variety of valuable webinars and seminars during the coming months
  • Chairman Ireland's Message: Consider this seven-step process to connect to quality vendors
  • New IEEE standard provides guidance for motor protection for industrial and commercial applications
  • EASA Award nominations are now being accepted
  • Snapshots from the 2017 Convention
  • Tech Tips: Burnout oven calibration clarification
  • Safety Module #3 focuses on working with cranes, slings
Currents - September 2017

August 2017

  • 2017 EASA Convention: The success continues! Record number of exhibitors, more service centers represented in Tampa
  • Chairman Ireland's Message: Many thanks to all who made EASA Convention a success and those who serve and create value for members
  • Applying balance tolerances to various machine rotors
  • Tech Tips: Burnout oven calibration
  • List of 2017 EASA Exhibitors
  • Convention snapshots
  • Actions of EASA's Board of Directors meeting in Tampa, FL
  • Art Anderson receives Exceptional Achievement Service Award at 2017 EASA Convention in Tampa
  • Safety Tips: General rules for cranes, forklifts
  • NEMA air-over motor efficiency test update
  • Add EASA's Safety Module #2 to your training library

July 2017

  • 2017-2018 officers, Executive Committee installed during Annual Business Meeting in Tampa
  • "Connect 2 Quality" selected as theme for new administrative year, 2018 convention
  • Power supply considerations when building a large growler
  • International Officers 2017-2018
  • Regional Boundaries
  • EASA 2017 Exhibitors
  • September 20 webinar will focus on "Axial Thrusting Causes and Corrections (Motors)"

June 2017

  • EASA's 16-part "Safety Module Program" resources and recorded webinars are still available at
  • Chairman Smith's Message: Continuing focus on "Partners for Progress"
  • Sid Seymour elected new director for Region 8
  • Replacing an engine with an electric motor? Horsepower is horsepower — or is it?
  • EASA 2017 Exhibitors
  • August webinar: "EASA Service Centers & Regulatory Inspections"
  • Tech Tip: Rotor bar pass frequencies
  • Safety Tips: Machine shop
  • EASA Accreditation Program update
Currents - June 2017

May 2017

  • 2017 Chapter Leadership Forum held in St. Louis: Attendees include 33 chapter leaders from the U.S., Canada and U.K.
  • Chairman Smith's Message: Participate in your chapter to be better "Partners for Progress"
  • A low-cost core test setup for small stators
  • EASA 2017 Exhibitors
  • Tech Tips: Paint colors for electric motors
  • Safety Tips: Housekeeping
  • Management Pulse: May survey will focus on employee drug testing
Cover of Currents - May 2017