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EASA uses Zoom to deliver our online webinars and training. If you have registered for online training, watch your email inbox for an additional confirmation message from Zoom which will provide a link and instructions for joining the training. You will also receive reminder emails before the event.

Please make sure messages from no-reply@zoom.us are not blocked by your email filters.

For the best experience, be sure to download and run Zoom when joining the webinar. If you choose to join from your web browser, you will not be able to talk to the presenter, however, you can type your questions using the Q&A feature.

Upcoming Seminars & Webinars


Accessorizing your VFD for Proper Operation and Power Quality

Event date: 7/21/2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CentralExport event

   Member: FREE
   Non-member: $99 per site
   Sponsored by Megger Baker Instruments


Megger Baker InstrumentsPresented by Matthew Conville, P.E.
EASA Technical Support Specialist

This webinar will go through the basics of what accessories maybe needed for proper VFD control and power quality add-ons to improve motor driven system reliability.  Just buying and installing a VFD isn’t enough to ensure proper operation of a motor driven system in its application, nor does it protect upstream and downstream devices from power quality issues. Topics include:

  • Drive accessories
    • Operator panels, encoders, position encoders, communication devices
  • Power quality accessories
    • VFD cables and EMC terminations
    • Input reactors and/or isolation transformers
    • Output filters (reactors, dV/dt, sinusoidal, inductive chokes, etc)
  • Impacts on AC motors
    • Reduction in SF
    • Winding failures
    • Shaft voltage/bearing currents
    • Turn down ratios

This webinar will be useful for anyone new to VFD applications, or anyone in need of a refresher course. 

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