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Convention presentation

Select Presentations 2018

  • June 2018
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Preview - Select Presentations 2018

Besides convention papers and handouts, the 2018 Select Presentations USB flash drive includes audio recordings of most sessions with synchronized slide presentations where applicable. A complete list of all 2018 exhibiting companies and their contact information is also included.

The USB Flash Drive has been mailed free of charge to Full Business registrants who attended the 2018 EASA Convention in Milwaukee. Copies have also been mailed to anyone that purchased a copy on site.

Sessions included on the USB drive are:

Technical Presentations

  • How the ISO 21940-11 Balance Quality Grade Standard Impacts Service Center Balancing* – Gene Vogel
  • Introduction to Problem Solving and Root Cause Failure Analysis –  Mike Howell
  • Overview of the New Shaft Alignment Standard* –  Gene Vogel
  • Pump Curves and Affinity Laws – in Laymen’s Terms* –  Gene Vogel
  • Air Gap: What Is It, What Does It Do and Why Is It Important?* –  Chuck Yung
  • Understanding the Interactions of Pumps, Motors and Drives* –  ​Bill Livoti
  • Insulation Technology Improvements and the Repair Market* –  Mike Howell
  • Theory and Application of Static Partial Discharge Detection* –  ​Jimmy Coombs
  • Selecting Replacement DC and 3-Phase Squirrel Cage Motors* –  ​Tom Bishop, P.E.
  • Advanced Rotor Bar Testing with Surface Magnetic Field Measurements* –  ​Scott Clark

Management Presentations

  • Technology, Digitization and the Future of (Technical) Service Business (Parts 1 & 2) –  Titos Anastassacos
  • A Primer on Wage and Hour Laws and Compliance Tips –  David Schein, MBA, JD, PhD.
  • Q&A: Wage and Hour Laws and Compliance –  ​David Schein, MBA, JD, PhD.
  • Top 10 HR Mistakes to Avoid in 2018 – ​David Schein, MBA, JD, PhD.
  • Q&A: Human Resource (HR) Mistakes to Avoid –  ​David Schein, MBA, JD, PhD.
  • The “Ins and Outs” of Selling or Buying an EASA Business –  Clint Bundy, Bill Harlan, Brian Nowak, Mike Rice
  • Member Case Study: Reactive to Proactive Maintenance/Service –  Ashutosh Kumar
  • EASA Industry Research: Deeper into the Data - What Else We Learned –  J. Michael Marks, Jerry Peerbolte
  • The Economy: A Bend in the Road –  Brian Beaulieu

Sales Presentations

  • Fanatical Prospecting: The Ultimate Guide for Staring Sales Conversations and Filling Your Business Pipeline –  Keith Lubner
  • Sales EQ –  Keith Lubner
  • Communicate with Influence (Parts 1 & 2) –  Stacey Hanke
  • Overcoming Sales Objections –  Keith Lubner

*Includes technical paper

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Sponsored by AEGIS, dba Electro Static Technology-An ITW Co.


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