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December 2011

  • Industry Awareness Campaign update (Part II): Successful program also includes industry representation, presentations
  • Chairman Toor's Message: "Moving Industry Forward" in 2011, 2012 and beyond
  • Board of Director elections are held for EASA Regions 3 and 7
  • Aluminum-to-copper magnet wire winding conversions: Considerations for deciding whether wire area should be reduced
  • Tech Tip: Rectangular to round wire conversion
  • January Webinar to focus on "Secrets of High-Profit EASA Members"
  • Index of Currents articles for 2011
  • Board of Directors meeting scheduled
  • EASA members: Please pay your 2012-2013 dues by February 10

November 2011

  • EASA Industry Awareness Campaign update
  • Chairman Toor's Message: Membership consistently pays big dividends
  • Partial discharge: Understanding how it occurs, detecting its presence and corrective action
  • Tech Tip: Pump curve, system curve data needed to determine change in pump speed
  • Technical Encore: The (potential) pitfalls of parallel circuits
  • Technical Support Spotlight: Members receive help with pump assembly instructions, balancing problems
  • December Webinar: "Evaluating High No-Load Amps of Three-Phase Motors"
  • Gary Byars elected new Region 4 director 

October 2011

  • 2012 EASA Webinar training opportunities announced: Lineup for next year includes two three-part series for more in-depth training
  • Chairman Toor's Message: EASA events provide opportunities to network, learn, grow; committee members deserve recognition, thanks
  • Understanding three-phase motor connections: Choice of wye or delta connection, number of circuits play an important role
  • 2012 Convention preview
  • Please complete, sign, return "Web/Yearbook Listing Survey"
  • Tech Tip: Base speed and torque of DC motors
  • November webinar: "Drop Testing of Fields and Synchronous Poles: Tips to Interpretation" "
  • Principles of Large AC Motors" seminar scheduled for January 27-28 in St. Louis

September 2011

  • New online training sessions focus on negotiating, selling
  • Chairman Toor's message: Web/yearbook listing survey coming your way; with Web site providing most up-to-date info, yearbook discontinued after 2012-13
  • Common issues that occur during mechanical seal installation
  • "Select Presentations" available from 2011 EASA Convention
  • "Private" Webinars offered to chapters, regions, and member companies
  • October EASA Webinars will focus on overhung, fans, lubrication
  • "Fundamentals of Pump Repair" seminar scheduled November 4-5 in Dallas
  • Tech tip: Core test with windings in stator
  • Resources at for members during hurricane season
  • 2011-2012 EASA Yearbooks distributed; order extra copies today

August 2011

  • Convention attendance pays off with big dividends
  • Chairman Toor's Message: Are you disengaged?
  • Upcoming Member Needs Survey gives opportunity to provide feedback about EASA programs, services
  • Selecting the correct bearing seal
  • Darby recipient of Exceptional Achievement Service Award for contributions to industry
  • 2011 Convention wrap-up
  • Actions of the Board of Directors
  • September EASA Webinars will focus on testing topics
  • Convention session on handling customer complaints available at
  • Tech Tip: Does changing wire size change power rating?

July 2011

  • Convention in Denver marks beginning of 2011-2012 terms for officers, Executive Committee: Kevin Toor installed as new EASA Chairman at Annual Business Meeting
  • Chairman Toor's Message: "Moving Industry Forward" selected as theme for new administrative year, convention
  • Cool facts about cooling electric motors: Whether old or new design, lowering temperatures based on same principles
  • Sharing fixed costs eases the pain of regulations on small business
  • August Webinar will focus on "Vertical Bearing Systems & Setting End Play"
  • Tech Tip: Make sure magnetic wedges fit tightly
  • Technical Encore - Insulation resistance testing: How long can megohms go?
  • Seminar to focus on "Sales Professional Training Camp"

June 2011

  • New "Fundamentals of Pump Repair" seminar launched: Focus on pumps continues with July Webinar
  • Chairman Howlett's Message: Looking back at a rewarding year; looking ahead to more success as we continue to "Aspire to Leadership"
  • When it comes to motors, how hot is hot? Temperatures that are too high affect machince performance, life
  • Electronic financial benchmarking survey results revealed
  • 2011 EASA Denver Exhibitors list
  • Commutator maintenance tips and tests: Checking for loose bars and methods to tighten them
  • Tech Tip: DC motor speed and poles
  • Tech Note 47 Available
  • A perspective from the other side of the exhibit hall booth

May 2011

  • Everyone benefits when members follow EASA's Recommended Practice; have you reviewed ANSI/EASA AR100-2010?
  • Chairman Howlett's Message: Keep focus on technology to lead your company to greater success
  • Resonance and its effects on mechanical structures: Understanding causes of increased vibration helps provide solutions to problems
  • Tech Tip: Inverter duty wire has higher voltage stress capability than film wire
  • Companies participating in the 2011 EASA Exhibition
  • Management Solutions: Sales management transformation: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process implementation and training
  • Christopher (Chris) Connor elected as new director of Region 1
  • June Webinar: "Adjusting Brush Neutral"

April 2011

  • Kevin Toor to become 2011-2012 chairman: Other officers, Executive Committee members elected by board
  • Brief electronic financial benchmarking survey is planned
  • Chairman Howlett's Message: Their stories: EASA women who aspire and inspire
  • "Aspire to Leadership" with information offered at the 2011 EASA Convention
  • Identifying 9 unmarked leads of three-phase motors
  • Convention sessions to help us prepare for new, different market
  • Don Hutson: Another great reason to attend
  • Tech Tip: Electrical safety know your distances
  • List of 2011 Denver exhibitors
  • Management Solutions: Overcoming the pressures that lead to business as usual

March 2011

  • EPA finalizes ruling, exempts burn-off ovens: Member efforts play critical part in educating regulatory agency
  • Chairman Howlett's Message: Recruiting and retaining employees: the challenge continues
  • Skip-pole or adjacent-pole: Does jumper selection really matter?
  • Focus on Safety: Prevent accidents: Safety program should include employees, equipment and facilities
  • Tech Tip: Determining poles of a generator exciter rotor
  • Marketing Solutions: Develop a strategy to market your pump repair strengths
  • April webinars will focus on "Advanced Inside Sales Techniques," "Belt Loads"
  • New "Fundamentals of Pump Repair" seminar scheduled for May 6-7 in St. Louis
  • Recent Death: Rowland Walker O.B.E, EASA's International President/Chairman in 1980-81

February 2011

  • U.S. federal judge rejects EPA request for extension: Motion denied for a 15-month delay for final rules that affect burn-off ovens
  • Chairman Howlett's Message: Use leadership skills to help when coping with a personal or business-related crisis
  • Effect of voltage variation on induction motor characteristics: Interrelations of voltage with various motor performance parameters
  • Focus on Safety: A speeding violation can cost your company more than a ticket
  • On-site troubleshooting of eddy current press drives: Questions to ask in order to avoid unnecessary rmoval of large device
  • March webinars will focus on motor and pump shafts
  • Tech Tips: Power quality quick check; rotor testing
  • Don't miss out on upcoming seminars taught by EASA experts

January 2011

  • Numbers point to Awareness Campaign's success: More than 39 million media "impressions" since program launched in 1998
  • Chairman Howlett's Message: Challenges of the past year; aspiring to leadershipnow and beyond
  • Mike DuPuis elected to second term as director of Region 8
  • Pinning down possibilities for pump problems: Troubleshooting should start by looking at the pump, the fluid and the system
  • February webinars will focus on "Inside Sales," "DC Theory"
  • Management Solutions: Getting control of gross margin and payroll
  • Tech Tip: DC motor testing without a load
  • Tech Note 46 available