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April 2014

  • Doug Moore to become 2014-2015 EASA Chairman
  • Chairman Gralow's Message: Many thanks to EASA's dedicated committee volunteers
  • Choosing between "component" and "cartridge" mechanical seals
  • Executive Committee for 2014-2015 and other actions of the Board
  • Transformer basics: How they operate, their many features
  • Tech Tip: Potting submersible pump cables
  • Safety Tips: Some general rules

March 2014

  • Plan to attend 2014 EASA Convention in Boston
  • EASA Chapter Officers to attend leadership forum June 28
  • Chairman Gralow's Message: Wealth of knowledge, information and expertise available in other EASA members
  • Thermistors: What they are and how they work
  • Focus on Safety: When life depends on it, make sure the machine really is "off"
  • The importance of calibration in the service center
  • Three-part Webinar series in April will focus on "Pump Selection"
  • Tech Tip: Make sure design is "Suitable for Use"
  • Seminar to focus on "Sales Professional Training Camp"
  • Spotlight on Associate Members
  • Recent Deaths
  • Share your special achievements through EASA social media outlets
Currents - March 2014

February 2014

  • New Web site to launch in mid to late February
  • Participate in the 2014 EASA Operating Performance Survey
  • Chairman Gralow's Message: New logo, newsletter format, Web site, headquarters software launch in February; importance of strategic plan
  • Taking data: How to correctly identify the connection
  • The impact of voltage variation on motor performance
  • Tech Tip: Why use proper oil viscosity?
  • Safety Tip: Working with wrenches
  • Use EASA's new logo on your Web site to add credibility to your company

January 2014

  • EASA introduces new logo: Re-branding builds on evolution, changes in our industry and EASA's role as "The Electro•Mechanical Authority"
  • Chairman Gralow's Message: 2014 Operating Performance Survey: See how participation can benefit you!
  • DC shunt field rewind wire size considerations
  • 2014 Convention preview
  • Tech Tip: Avoid salt water!
  • Creative method to remove blind pinion

December 2013

  • Valuable resources at continue to grow
  • Chairman Gralow's Message: Roving Chief Executive groups bring members together to LEARN, CONNECT, PARTNER and SUCCEED
  • Potential damage to motor that can result from reclosure
  • Tech Tip: Two potential pitfalls with concentric-to-lap conversions
  • January Webinar: "Core Repair and Restack Techniques"
  • Index of Currents articles for 2013
  • Safety Tips: Be on the lookout

November 2013

  • EASA Service Center Accreditation Program update
  • Who benefits from EASA-authored technical articles? Members do!
  • Chairman Gralow's Message: Active and Associate members work together for common success
  • Johan De Coster re-elected director of EASA's Region 9
  • A balancing act: Knowing and using the correct rotor specifications
  • "Fundamentals of DC Operation & Repair Tips" seminar scheduled for January 24-25 in St. Louis
  • December Webinar: "Pump Failure Case Study"
  • Liam Greveson of ERIKS Electro Mechanical Services first recipient of Karsten Moholt Exceptional Achievement Award
  • Tech Tips
  • Safety Tip
Currents - November 2013

October 2013

  • Take advantage of valuable education opportunities offered through remainder of 2013
  • Chairman Gralow's Message: Partner with employees and coworkers for mutual success
  • Evaluating customer requests for warranty repairs
  • Tech Tip: Easy way to remove stuck end bracket
  • Safety Tip: Welding warnings

September 2013

  • Hazard communication and global harmonization: revamped law requires employee training by this December
  • Chairman Gralow's Message: Ideas on getting the most from connecting and partnering Common recommendations for stored motors
  • "Fundamentals of Pump Repair" seminar scheduled Novemeber 8-9 in Indianapolis
  • Tech Tip: Removing impeller thread into pump shaft
  • Safety Tip: Working with hand tools Social media isn't just for kidsit's for your business, too! Seminar to focus on "Sales Professional Training Camp"
  • October Webinar: "Motor Winding Temperature and Detectors to Measure It"
  • Two new online complimentary sessions cover EASA accreditation program, economic update

August 2013

  • Numbers add up to another strong convention
  • Chairman Gralow's Message: Convention benefits and Board support for vibrant chapters
  • Benefits of the AC hi-pot for new form coil stator windings
  • EASA 2013 Convention Snapshots EASA 2013 Exhibitors
  • Mike Pence recieves Exceptional Achievement Service Award at 2013 EASA Convention in Las Vegas
  • Actions of EASA's Board of Directors at meetings in Las Vegas
  • Tech Tip: Measuring stator winding resistance
  • Safety Tip: Air, hydraulic tools
  • September 2013 Webinars "Select Presentations" available from 2013 EASA Convention

July 2013

  • 2013-2014 officers, Executive Committee installed during Annual Business Meeting at convention in Las Vegas
  • Chairman Gralow's Message: "Learn • Connect • Partner • Succeed" selected as theme for 2013-2014 administrative year, convention
  • Space heating to prevent motor damage from condensation
  • EASA's Web site: Your source for Association information
  • Revisiting insulation resistance temperature correction
  • Tech Tip: Determining if noise is air gap related
  • Safety Tip: Inspect welding equipment often
  • August 14 Webinar: "Practical Problem Solving for the Entire Service Center"

June 2013

  • Variety of Webinars, seminars scheduled in coming months
  • Chairman Gray's Message: All members benefit from "Strength Through Association"
  • Drip. drip, drip: Understanding O-rings in the repair process
  • Safety Tip: Simple precautions when working with air and hydraulic tools
  • Tech Tip: Importance of the micrometer measurement
  • The winding challenge servo and spindle motors
  • Five popular seminars scheduled for 2013-2014 2013
  • Convention and Exhibition mobile app now available!

May 2013

  • Join us for Town Hall on EASA accreditation program: Forum in Las Vegas will provide preview and opportunity for feedback
  • Chairman Gray's Message: Building "Strength through Association" for members with a proud past, bright future
  • Board of Director elections are held for EASA Regions 1 and 8
  • Squirrel cage motors: Three most common starting methods
  • Safety Tip: Special care when lifting material
  • EASA 2013 Convention and Exhibition mobile app filled with great information for all
  • June 12 EASA Webinar: "Vibration on Belt Driven Machines"
  • Tech Tip: Properly surge testing armature depends on consistency of winding Connections on AC electric motors under 600 volts