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December 2015

  • Industry Awareness Campaign: List of links to trade press articles available at continues to grow
  • Message from Chairman Dupuis: Many thanks to committee members for their time and efforts; please pay your dues promptly
  • Board of Directors elections are held for Regions 1 and 8
  • Making vertical turbine pump shaft lift adjustments
  • Tech Tip: Easy way to determine percent compounding
  • Safety Tip: More welding reminders
  • ANSI/EASA AR100: Raising the "standard" has many meanings
  • Management Pulse survey results: Ownership transition in an EASA service center
  • Complimentary January webinar: "Implementing the EASA Accreditation Program"
  • January safety webinars to focus on "Fall Protection"
  • Partial discharge data collection on VFD motors
  • Key Insights on Industry Research: End-user trends and attitudes about repairing electric motors

November 2015

  • EASA webinar schedule for 2016 announced
  • Message from Chairman Dupuis: "Educate, Experience, Engage" with continued EASA membership
  • Kenneth G. Martin elected new director of EASA Region 6
  • ANSI/EASA AR100: What's new in the 2015 edition?
  • Continuing "Safety Module Program Webinar Series"
  • Key Insights: Industry Research - Repair or Replace?
  • Tech Tip: DC machine, compounding versatility
  • Safety Tip: Welding and flame cutting reminders

October 2015

  • Committee receives update on trade press success
  • Message from Chairman Dupuis: Are you aware of all the valuable resources at
  • Remember to follow the ABCs of bearing inspection
  • Survey results: Sales compensation and strategy
  • Associate members first
  • Tech Tip: Refer to updated technical resources
  • Safety Tips: Some general rules
  • Continuing "Safety Module Program Webinar Series"
  • Spotlight on Associate Members
  • Key Insights: Industry Research - Plant maintenance strategies provide opportunities for EASAns
  • EASA welcomes Great Basin College as new Allied member

September 2015

  • Number of EASA accredited service centers and new applications continue to grow 
  • Members may download free PDF of AC Motor Redesign manual 
  • Networking: Are you getting the most from your EASA membership? 
  • Help with form wound rotor wave connections 
  • EASA Accreditation: End-user and motor manufacturer perspectives 
  • Working with cranes, hoists 
  • End turn and connection spacing in large motors and generators 
  • The EASA member: Sharing a common goal 
  • When a generator will not self-excite 

August 2015

  • EASA to launch “Safety Module Program” in September
  • Message from Chairman Dupuis: Board of Directors approves new Strategic Plan for 2015-2018 
  • Chapter/regional meeting dates
  • EASA’s Recommended Practice re-approvedas American National Standard
  • Service Factor: What is it and what does it do?
  • Survey results: Creative ways to provide “employee perks”
  • Convention numbers add up to another successful event
  • Actions of EASA’s Board of Directors at meetings in San Antonio
  • Charlie Evans receives Exceptional Achievement Service Award
  • 12-part vibration webinar series scheduled in September/October
  • Spotlight On Allied Member: Los Angeles Dept. of Power & Water 
  • Tech Tip: Caution with S1, S2 lead connections
  • EASA Accreditation Program update
  • Safety Tip: “Almost right” 
August 2015

July 2015

  • 2015-2016 officers, Executive Committee installed during Annual Business Meeting in San Antonio
  • Most common methods of balancing overhung rotors
  • Chapter/regional meeting dates
  • Find EASA products and services in new Resource Guide
  • International Officers 2015-2016
  • Regional Directors
  • Regional Boundaries
  • 2015 Convention Exhibitors
  • August webinar: "Tips and Techniques for Winders"
  • Favorite Tech Tips from past years
  • Tech Tip: Ask for pump MSDS
  • Safety Tip: Welding and flame cutting

June 2015

  • Don't miss upcoming education opportunities: Updated "Principles of Medium and Large AC Motors" seminar plus 12-part vibration webinar series scheduled
  • Chairman Moore's Message: Appreciation and encouragement
  • Charles A. Brown elected new director of EASA Region 2
  • V-belt drives: Common problems and their solutions
  • Management Pulse survey results: Corporate compliance, performance and disciplinary actions
  • 2015 Convention exhibitors
  • July webinar: "On-Site Testing & Inspection of Electric Motors"
  • EASA seeks renewal of ANSI status for Recommended Practice

May 2015

  • Recordings of EASA webinars now available for sale
  • Chairman Moore's Message: EASA marketing is a joint effort with members
  • The effect of rotor skew, cusp and cogging on motor starting
  • Safety Tip - Workplace safety: First rule to remember
  • Tech Tip - Follow this simple procedure to degauss a shaft
  • Finding industry research and how to put it to good use
  • Convention preview
  • 2015 Convention exhibitors
  • June webinar: "Stator Rewinds: When Things Get Tight"
  • Take a close look at marketing/sales sessions at convention

April 2015

  • Mike Dupuis to become EASA's 2015-2016 Chairman; Board elects other officers, Executive Committee at mid-year meeting
  • Other actions of the board
  • 2015 Convention will include valuable management sessions
  • Combination tables for round magnet wire changes
  • Want to be successful? Consider joining an RCE group
  • List of 2015 Convention exhibitors
  • Induction motor application guidelines for AC variable frequency drives
  • Safety Tips: Good housekeeping important to safety
  • Management Pulse survey results: Employees, company image, project management and templates

March 2015

  • Members praise EASA's highest rated program
    Survey findings point to the value of program by owners, managers
  • Chairman Moore's Message: Membership says this is the least read page in Currents
  • Sean McNamara elected director of EASA's Region 10
  • Keeping it cool: A look at the causes of motor overheating
  • Safety Tips: More on special care needed with abrasive blasting
  • Tech Tip: Care on motors with aif baffles
  • April 8 webinar to focus on "Assessing Impeller Damage"
  • Next deadline regarding hazard communication and global harmonization in the U.S. is June 1

February 2015

  • Safety and environmental compliance is an investment rather than an expense
  • Guidelines for vertical pump removal and installation
  • Management Pulse Survey results: Employee training
  • Identifying and getting to root cause of shaft currents
  • Tech Tip: Finding correct replacement thermals
  • Safety Tip: Special care with abrasive blasting
  • March webinar to focus on "Proper Motor Cleaning"
  • Focus on fundamentals: April seminars to focus on "DC Operation & Repair Tips" and "Pump Repair"

January 2015

  • EASA 2015 webinars to cover variety of topics; 12-part vibration series scheduled during September, October 
  • Chairman Moore's Message: Beginning of year is when we set realistic goals; EASA tools and resources help us make positive changes 
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance of electric motors 
  • Convention Information
  • Don’t miss out on upcoming seminars taught by EASA experts 
  • Tech Tip: Care with commutator clamping bolts 
  • “Private” webinars offered to chapters, regions and member companies 
  • Webinar to focus on “Reclosure: How It Happens and What to Do About It” 
  • Safety Tips: Working with cranes, forklifts 
  • EASA Welcomes New Employees